Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris - Spring 2011 Couture Shows

Christian Dior - John Galliano 
January 24, 2011 

     Without disappointing, John Galliano displayed lots of colors, volume, and drama [of course!] in this collection. American supermodel, Karlie Kloss [love her], opened the show in this voluminous red coat hemmed with tulle with a feather scarf and feather hair piece. There were a total of 32 looks filled with graphite smears, pencil strokes and scribbles, erasure marks, and gouache washes of  illustrations which were duplicated in cloth and embroideryThe most dramatic effects was called chiaroscuro which is the interplay of light and shade, duplicating the wash of watercolors and the shadows of classic couture photography. I'm a sucker for volume, tiers, colors, bows, cinched waists, and floral details -- all of which was featured in this collection. The make up was minimal and tame for a Galliano production [love the red lips], but still suited the collection perfectly. Some of the looks were even adorned with elaborate hair pieces with 1960s-esque waves hairstyle. My favorite piece was this pastel yellow gown filled with tulle -- such a princess moment [as Rachel Zoe would say] I lovelovelove strapless dresses, color, and tulle and this dress bursts with all of the above. Here are my 14 favorite looks -- 

Armani Prive' - Giorgio Armani 
January 24, 2011 

     For this 41 looks collection Georgio Armani said that he was inspired by the gleam of gemstones, therefore he wanted to produce a collection that came from another planet. That description clearly became literal with the metallic saucer hats produced by Philp Treacy, the famous hat designer. The collection shimmered around the models' bodies and according to Tim Blanks of "by some feat of fabric technology, a mirror effect managed to give organza a reflective quality. Silk was threaded with metal to produce a sheen. Sweeping collars and bodices that looked molded from some hard alien material were actually supple and light. The sci-fi aspect was reinforced by silhouettes curved and carved to rearticulate the body." Despite the futuristic feel to it, my favorite piece was this very structured and tailored multi-colored blazer, with really strong and broad shoulders [love]. Olivia Wilde who was spotted front row at the show was quoted saying that the collection was very "Tron-y" in light of her latest movie.  My top 4 looks are as follows -- 

Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld 
January 25, 2011

"I was sick of all those Eiffel Towers, sick of all those violent colors"

     The quote above explains why Karl Lagerfeld's spring couture collection was very muted with a little splash of color in some looks, but at the same time, the collection was very luminous in its delicacy and sparkle. After all, it was reported that ten million beads were used in this 66 looks collection [holy Coco!] Again, according to Tim Blanks of "light is not only illumination, it's also a lack of heaviness. There was a precise, balletic grace to the shifts, the tops, the fitted jackets, and floating chiffons, all of them built on sequined leggings." And what's more is that all of the models wore flats! [blasphemy or pure genius?!] Everyone should know that I'm also a sucker for classic and romantic pieces so it was inevitable that I fell in love with the flowy and tiered skirts and the classic Chanel lady like jackets. I also love the hints of color, florals, and explosion of ruffles in some of the pieces. The details in this collection was so beautiful it makes you gasp for air. Here are my top 11 looks -- 

Love, KB

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