Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashion in Films: Bridesmaids

     The month of May usually signals the start of a lot of summer box office hits. And after hearing so many good praises about the movie Bridesmaids, which has been in theaters for over two weeks, I finally watched it and I must say that I'm more than pleased and not just with the comedic performances. Saying that the movie was funny doesn't do it justice. It was hilarious. But what really surprised me was how beautiful and fitting the wardrobe was for each of the six leading women. The costume designer, Leesa Evans, along with the help of her co-costume designer Christine Wada, did an amazing job in portraying each of the different character's story through their wardrobe selections from the dresses down to the jewelry, handbags, and shoes. 


Annie - Kristen Wiig 
as the Maid of Honor at her all time low, but still has a lot going for her 
- tailored blazers, short dresses, and rompers 
- lots of colorful prints and jewelry 
- sky high heels that showcases her sex appeal

Lillian -- Maya Rudolf
as the happy bride to be 
- feminine and romantic dresses 
- colorful wardrobe palette 
- lots of glitz and glam, very well accessorized 

Helen -- Rose Byrne 
as the perfect Stepford wife 
- lots of designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories 
- country club preppy 
- high fashion and expensive 

Megan -- Melissa McCarthy
as the outrageous sister of the groom, who despite her androgynous appearance, loves men
- oversized golf shirts and hats
- manly trousers with sandals 
- but with a hint of feminism with headbands and pearl necklace 

Becca -- Ellie Kemper
as the conservative newlywed 
- very colorful and youthful pieces with a lot of preppy and feminine accents 
- lots of colorful print dresses and cardigans 
- paisley and florals 

Rita -- Wendy McLendon-Covey
as the depraved housewife with three kids 
- lots of sexy and body conscious dresses 
- chunky gold jewelry and leaopard accents 
- display of cleavage 

Love, KB


  1. Can anyone ID the black purse that Kristen Wiig has on at the beginning ?? It has a logo that looks like the gucci design backwards !

  2. Anyone know who made the latte-brown sleeveless dress Rose Byrne wears while on the phone getting the Vegas trip together? Necklace is by Stella McCartney, but who made the dress?? Thanks!

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