Sunday, January 15, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 5

     Happy Sunday everyone! It's Day 5 of our 25 days of Style and I'm starting to feel like those guys who grew out their beards for Novem-beard. Not that I've grown a beard myself (yikes) but because of how tedious and time consuming it is to document your daily wardrobe choices for all the blogosphere to appreciate. BUT! I'm still here and still committed. 20 more days until our deadline, 10 days until Fashion Blog's 1 year anniversary, and 16 until my imminent 25th birthday (don't remind me..) 

     When I was growing up, Sunday only meant one thing which is mass (going to church.) But as we all get older, we form other traditions. In college, Sunday meant brunch at one of my favorite places downtown. Whatever your Sunday ritual might be, you still definitely want to look your best and not look like Saturday night's mess (okay Dr. Seuss, enough with the rhyming.) 

     Something about this day of rest that always makes me want to reach for my lady-like dresses, and this creme lace number is of my favorites. I mean lace, need I say more? The temperature today is still a little cool, so I'm tackling that weather challenge with sweater tights! Have you experienced the magic of sweater tights? If not, you're missing out. It offers the basic purpose of tights but with the added benefit and feel of a sweater. It's super warm and comfortable and goes perfectly with dresses, especially during the winter season. And! They come in a vast array of colors compared to basic black opaque tights. I usually gravitate towards black for nighttime affairs, so today, I wore navy blue sweater tights paired with brown booties. This look can also work with knee length leather boots, but I like to vary my shoe options from day to day. 

     The addition of this green-blue leaf bib necklace and coral cropped blazer adds the right amount of color to an otherwise neutral color palette. What's great about the proportion of this blazer is that it doesn't take away too much from the lace dress. Any other lengths would've swallowed the dress completely and I wanted to make the lace dress the statement piece of this ensemble. But to keep really warm, I can also throw on a long coat that hits mid-thigh to assure maximum coverage. Keep warm and have a great lazy Sunday! 

p.s. The colors (of the beret and the blazer) looks like something off a Dior perfume commercial, yes? lol Think of the one directed by Sophia Coppola. Now I have Brigitte Bardot song stuck in my head, Moi Je Joue.

Love, KB

lace dress by Free People 
cropped blazer by H&M
sweater tights by Urban Outfitters 
brown booties by Steve Madden 
leaf bib necklace by Charming Charlie
purple beret  

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  1. I'm definitely loving this series, so far! It's always fun to see what the bloggers I follow are wearing.