Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 7

     If you caught the 69th annual Golden Globes this past sunday then you could not have missed, aside from Ricky Gervais's obvious heavy restriction on the comedy (curse you NBC why invite the man to host it for the third time if he can't tell it as it is?), the popular trend of blush hues worn on the red carpet. There was no way you could have missed Charlize Theron in a pale hue, plunging Christian Dior with a super sexy (yet very elegant) leg slit. The look was the right balance on everything --  ethereal but sexy, mildly provocative but appropriate. So for Day 7, I took such color palette as the inspiration when putting together today's ensemble. 

     Today's look revolves around this pale/nude long sleeve button up shirt that I found in Zara a couple of weeks ago. The shirt is very sheer so I layered it with a grey tank underneath. Fashion basics 101: every woman needs a handful of basic tanks in colors such as black, white, and nude. You wouldn't believe how many of my outfits require a basic tank underneath for modesty purposes. These tanks are relatively inexpensive and are sold basically everywhere. Make sure to stock up on several pairs because even though they are machine washable, that doesn't mean that they can withstand the test of time. And! Don't forget to get them in array of different colors to go along with the color variety of the clothes in your closet (or at least have the neutral colors!)  

     Another red carpet trend that kept recurring everywhere at the Globes were chandelier earrings. Does this mean that these babies are going to be making another resurgence in the fashion scene and in the nearest accessory department near you? Probably. But let's take it slow. To interpret that trend, I've opted for this ginormous bib necklace that resemble little sparkly mirrors. It has this gorgeous dwindling pattern to it which reminds me of those elegant crystal chandeliers which are skinny up top but get more elaborate as it descends down. And since the my neckline is already so busy, I just opted for simple black skinnies, champagne colored flats, and my Burberry tote in honor of the men RTW fashion show which took place in Milan this weekend. To add, I love nothing more than a pop of red and playfulness to go along with nude and pale hues, so a bright red lip and fishtail braid goes perfectly with this look (and matches my Burberry print, yes?) For the perfect red lip and fishtail tutorial see the video below courtesy of TheBeautyDepartment.com! 

     To top it all off, it felt like a big sunnies kind of day. Maybe it's the red lips that's making me feel so Hollywood.. or really not having my picture taken. How would you translate the red carpet fashion into your everyday ready to wear fashion?

Love, KB

nude long sleeve button up shirt by Zara Collections 
black skinny jeans by BDG -- Urban Outfitters 
necklace by Erica Lyons 
flats by Francesca's Collections 
tote by Burberry 
sunglasses by Diane Von Furstenberg 


  1. adoring that purse and those shoes!

    I just started following your blog and I adore it.
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back please?
    thank you, much apprecaited <3 :)

  2. thanks for the feedback! def will check out your blog!