Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1 Item = Several Wears: 6 Ways to Wear an Oxford

     The beauty of this blog segment is that it touches a topic that every woman wants to achieve -- create the illusion that her wardrobe can churn out new and original ensembles, without making it too obvious that she's just recycling her favorite pieces over and over. More importantly, the idea behind 1 Item = Several Wears is to get more milage out of your favorite wardrobe staples. Today, I'm going to be demonstrating several ways to wear one of my favorite pieces in my closet -- long sleeve oxford shirts.

     Oxfords are just as easy to wear as basic tees. As a matter of fact, I often find myself reaching out for my favorite Ralph Lauren oxford and BDG skinny jeans when I need a go-to outfit for a last minute errand. The slim-fit oxfords that Ralph Lauren makes are my favorite, because not only is it such an effortless piece, the garment is made very well and the cotton material is so comfortable. Which brings us to another important point when picking out your oxfords -- the fit. I can't be too sure if any other manufacturers operate within the same fit system/classification, but with Ralph Lauren, the fit of their oxfords is categorized in three distinct fits: the slim-fit, the classic fit, and the custom fit. 

     The slim-fit is a more tailored option as inspired by the European style. It offers the narrowest and a slimmer chest fit and has the shortest front and back hems. The classic fit, on the other hand, is Ralph Lauren's original style which features a roomier chest, longer sleeves, and an extended shirt tail. Finally, the custom fit has a much more streamlined fit. It has a sleeker silhouette with a narrower chest fit and shorter sleeves and hems. So depending on your body type and shape, the perfect oxford fit for you could be any one of these three choices.  If you're not well versed on silhouette and fit, then do it the old fashion way -- trial and error! Try on as many pairs as you can until you've found the perfect one! The number one thing to keep in mind when you're trying on oxford is comfort. Is it tight and loose enough in all the right places? Can you move freely in it without feeling like you're either strapped in or drowning in it? Ask yourself these important questions when you're in the dressing room. 


     My favorite way to wear my oxford is by cuffing the sleeves and rolling them up close to my elbow. The look feels much more relaxed and personalized. Depending if you want to dress up or dress down your oxford, the best way to do so is by pairing them with your favorite pieces to achieve a particular look. For example, are you feeling preppy today? Layer your oxford with a long sleeved, striped nautical shirt and some chinos in a fun summer-y color, a skinny belt, a fun statement necklace, and viola'. You'll be ready for the Hamptons in no time. How about a nighttime look? Throw on a black a line skirt, an embellished belt to accentuate your waist, and your classic black pump and you're done. Whatever look you want to achieve for the day or night, incorporate it with your favorite oxford and find out all of the endless possibilities you can come up with. I chose a white oxford for this particular segment, because I felt like white is the easiest color to wear. With that said, you shouldn't limit your oxfords to just one neutral color, unless your style is strictly minimalist, buy oxfords in various different colors and prints! My other favorite Ralph Lauren oxford has vertical, powder blue stripes all over it. Happy dressing! 

Love, KB

white oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren 
1. skinny jeans by BDG /  purse by Burberry 
2. skirt by Forever 21 / belt by Gap 
3. skirt by Forever 21 / vintage necklace
4. maxi skirt by H&M / belt by J. Crew 
5. dress by H&M / vintage necklace
6. shorts, striped nautical shirt, & skinny belt by J. Crew / vintage necklace 


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