Thursday, June 2, 2011

1 Item = Several Wears: 7 Ways to Wear a Striped Nautical Shirt

     If you haven't figured it out already the pieces that are featured in the 1 Item = Several Wears segment are the fashion staples in every woman's wardrobe. And nothing is more classic and timeless than a striped nautical shirt. It has been around since Coco became Chanel (pun intended.) And just like basic tees and oxford shirts, nautical shirts are made in various different colors and styles that perfectly suits every woman. My closet is filled with many striped nautical shirts and each and every one of them are different and unique -- I have a red nautical shirt that have puffy sleeves, a grey one that looks like an oversized tee, a long sleeve one with a basic black and white stripes, and another that feels like a lightweight sweater.  But for the sake of generalization and simplicity, let's stick to a very basic nautical shirt and in that classic sailor color that is red which makes this one from Urban Outfitter's line BDG the perfect choice. 

Look #1: colorful & mixing patterns 
You know that I'm a sucker for color and prints, so one of my favorite ways to wear a nautical shirt is by mixing it with another pattern, preferably floral to go along with the warm weather seasons. The rule of thumb about mixing patterns is that each print should share at least one color in common. But if you're feeling a bit adventurous for the day, don't be afraid to mix and match through trial and error and find the combination that looks the best. This look is finished by an oversized satin ribbon that I've purchased from a craft store. It gives it a bit of romanticism, don't you think? 

Look #2: preppy 
Living on the east coast, we love our preppy brands and style thanks to Ralph Lauren, Lily Pulitzer, J. Crew, and Vera Bradley. And of course, nothing says preppy than a tweed polka dot skirt worn with your pearl necklace. It's super easy to do and the look is very clean and polished. 

Look #3: casual that transitions from day to night 
I love layering. I think some people don't utilize this technique as much as they should, which is a shame, because I feel like layering pieces gives your outfits depth and interest. And I love this look, because it can easily transition from day to night just by adding the vest. Versatile looks is very sought after these days. 

Look #4: color blocking 
Color blocking is huge this season. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Gucci's  color blocking inspired Spring 2011 collection used in fashion magazine spreads. And just about every other celebrity has been spotted wearing those colorful pieces along with that gold Gucci rope belt. So if you want to try out this trend (and for a lot less money) invest in some colorful jeans and accessories and see what amazing color palette combination you can come up with. 

Look #5: evening and lady-like
Black is the easiest color to wear for an nighttime soiree and incorporating your striped nautical shirt to an evening look is very easy to do. When in doubt, I always reach out for my dark-wash skinny jeans or black ones (since they look a lot dressier) and I usually throw on my favorite BCBG black tuxedo blazer, statement necklace, and black pump. But if you want to try out this new lady like trend that's catching on everywhere, swap out your black blazer for a lady-like Chanel inspired jacket like this polyester one from the LC Lauren Conrad collection. It's definitely not made out of boucle' and it's definitely not Chanel, so just think of it as Chanel-esque

Look #6: relaxed and for the weekend 
In terms of the easiest look to wear, I think everyone can agree that denim cut-offs is a no-brainer. Pair your nautical striped shirt with this and throw on an oxford for an added layer and pizzaz. This look can be very beach friendly, especially as the sun sets for those cool summer nights. 

Look #7: experimental -- with your LWD (Little White Dress) 
Just because it's a dress doesn't mean you have to wear it as is. Think outside your fashion box and experiment with the pieces that you have in your closet. Trust me, it will soon pay off. Another great way to wear your striped nautical shirt is by wearing it under a dress. Make sure you pick a dress that's fitted in a lot of the right places, because if there are a lot of excess fabric hanging loose, the look can look sloppy and actually make you seem bigger than you really are (Yikes.) Just be realistic and trust what looks good on you. 

Love, KB

striped nautical shirt by BDG from Urban Outfitters 
1. skirt by Forever 21 / ribbon from the craft store 
2. skirt and belt by Heritage 1981 / vintage pearl necklace 
3. skirt by Mink Pink / vest by Forever 21
4. belt and bright blue skinny jeans by Forever 21 
5. black skinny jeans by Forever 21 / jacket by LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls / necklace by Natasha 
6. striped oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren / denim cut-offs by H&M 
7. dress by American Eagle / vintage necklace 


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