Sunday, July 15, 2012

Team USA London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Uniforms by Ralph Lauren

     The last time the Summer Olympic Games were on, I had the television turned on while painting the walls of my college apartment in Tallahassee, Florida. Has it really been four years later already?? And with July 27th soon approaching, aside from cheering on Team USA, the opening ceremony is definitely one of my favorite events and the most anticipated event by everyone in the world. Not only does it signal the start of the games, but it's also a great way to scope out all of the team fashion. For the London 2012 Summer Olympic GamesTeam USA's uniforms are designed by none other than Ralph Lauren. I mean come on, what's more appropriate than classic American Sportswear by Ralph Lauren?? And the uniforms this year is just that, classic. Classic and tailored, of course. The design features a red, white, and navy palette with crisp blouses, cotton scarves, breezy skirts for the women and tailored pants for the men, and fitted blazers with the U.S. Olympic Team patches and of course the big Ralph Lauren pony logos. Oh, and not to forget, matching navy caps. 

     I love love love these uniforms for the 2012 London games. I love how Ralph Lauren chose navy blue over royal blue as the base color for the entire design, giving the uniforms a very classic American look to the entire ensemble without hitting us over the head with the red, white, blue, stars, and stripes. Don't get me wrong, I think those elements in and of themselves are perfect for this occasion, but we don't want our Olympians to look like they're actually draped with an American flag from head to toe. The slight subtlety of this design is what makes it great, but you can definitely still see USA all over it. I love how the entire ensemble is very clean, classic, tailored and almost gives me a 1920s Fitzgerald-esque impression. Nonetheless, they're going to look great out there and hopefully many many many medals will be present during the closing ceremony. GO TEAM USA

Love, KB

The June 2012 cover of VOGUE dedicated to TEAM USA

Walt Disney's Cinderella slippers by Christian Louboutin

     Before Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine there were the other three veteran princesses -- the one allergic to needles from spinning wheels (Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty) the other with a vengeful stepmother, skin white as snow, and with seven vertically challenged roommates (Snow White) and finally the one forced to become a servant in her own home by yet another sinister stepmother and as equally friendly to all the talented and domestic singing animals, Cinderella -- which is actually my favorite story. The movie which was released in 1950 will be on Blu Ray for the first time on October 2, 2012. And to celebrate this Diamond Edition release, Walt Disney asked Parisian shoe maker, Christian Louboutin, to create a modern day interpretation of the iconic glass slippers. And no, the result is not a literal creation of actual glass slippers. Can you imagine walking around the cobblestones of Paris or the concrete sidewalks of New York City in actual glass pumps even if it did have that coveted red-sole? Your feet and the shoes would never make it pass a couple of blocks. Christian Louboutin's interpretation of Cinderella's glass slippers was even better -- think peep-toe, 120 mm, delicate white lace with sparkling crystals, butterfly accents, and heels adorned with Swarovski elements -- you can't get any more modern than that. 

     The shoes are currently in display in Paris with the exhibition including stills and sketches from the making of the 1950s Disney film, along with a short six-minute film of Christian Louboutin playing a fairy-godmother-like cobbler who is under a tight deadline to finish Cinderella's shoes. And just like in the original film when poor Cinderelly didn't have the time to re-design her mother's old dress for the Prince's ball, monsieur Louboutin receives help from friendly animals to find the inspiration of the shoes and complete them. And since we don't have a clip of that six-minute film, this 14:45 clip of that famous dress making scene is the next best thing! 

Love, KB

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Erin Fetherston Resort 2013 Look Book

     There is always something so romantic and feminine in  Erin Fetherston's designs. Of course the clothes themselves change every season but her whimsical and delicate aesthetic still stays true. I can flip through a magazine or go over images of dresses on the Internet and easily spot something she has designed in the same way that a veteran editor for a high fashion magazine can easily recognize a signature red Valentino gown on the red carpet or a Karl Lagerfeld creation for Chanel, even before the words, "Who are you wearing?" are even uttered. And of course, her latest Look Book for her 2013 Resort collection is no exception -- I can see Erin all over that pink jacquard dress with the bows and delicate cut-outs in the back. 

     My favorite pieces in her collection are always her dresses, which this collection has absolutely no shortage of, but it also features plenty of separate pieces like skirts, jackets, tops, cardigans and even a couple of maxi dresses. The color palette is very light but also includes some punchy and bold colors (an orange and pink color-block shift dress, a very bold red peplum number, a variation of green and blue hues and a very delicious rose-colored pink.) The collection also exudes so much romanticism and feminism in all of its delicate lace, satin crepe, and chiffon along with an interesting integration of jacquard and sequins. Most of the pieces are on the dressier side, but can actually be great transitional pieces as somewhat hinted with the model going barefoot for the look book. With the right accessories, any girl could easily dress up or dress down any piece in the collection. And can I also point out how much I'm in love with the jeweled crown and exaggerated bunny-ears/hello kitty-esque bows in this look book. I would totally wear that crown if and when the right occasion calls for it! 

Love, KB