Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fashion Diary: My Night With Lady Gaga

what I wore to the Lady Gaga concert:
sequined jacket, black skinny jeans, blush colored blouse,
gladiator sandals, wayfarers, black gladiator sandals &
red lipstick

     The moment that I found out that I was officially going to the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour in Orlando, Florida, the first thing I did was call up the people I knew who had experienced the show to ask them what I should wear. The feedback I got was this: "Anything goes. Some people go all out for the Monster Ball." And a lot of people did! With this prospect, I got really excited and almost wanted to consider something full of drama, and of course a bow! But once I took my company into consideration, aka people I was going to the concert with, which consisted of my aunts and younger cousins, I decided to tone done the look and opt for something simple but very rock n' roll. 

     The basis of my look revolved around my favorite pair of black skinny jeans. From there, I added a blush colored H&M blouse, a sequined jacket by Sparkle and Fade, and black gladiator heels. The jeans did exactly what they were supposed to do which was to provide comfort. I was able to walk, sit, and dance in complete ease. The sequined jacket provided an extra layer for the varying temperatures inside the arena and my blouse was later swapped out by a white, Gaga fitted tee that I've purchased right before the show. And since going to a concert involved a lot of moving and dancing around, I decided to go for this black quilted purse with a long gold chain, which I wore across my body. As for my shoe option, my Steve Madden gladiator heels, which are very similar to that Dior pair that Carrie Bradshaw often wore in the Sex and the City Movie, suited the entire ensemble perfectly down to look and comfort. Okay, so maybe I was hurting by the end of the show, because of those shoes, but that must mean they were fabulous! I kept the accessories to a minimum with just earrings, a two fingered studded ring, and my Ray-Ban wayfarer that I did not wear the entire night. It's just silly to wear sunglasses indoors and at night. That's just a recipe for injury and disaster. Oh, and did I tell you that I had red lips?! Yup. It made me do a lot of kissy faces in my pictures the entire night. 

paws up

concert tee that I purchased before the show

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour 2011 
Orlando, Florida 
April 15, 2011

     As for the show, it was INCREDIBLE! My preconceived notions about the show was pretty accurate. The reviews of her tour speaks very highly of Mother Monster and people who have witnessed her live have said that the entire show was kind of like a religious experience. And to an extent, I must admit that it really was. There was a point during the show where she says, "The Monster Ball will set you free" and that she created the show just for her Little Monsters, "Where the freaks are outside and I locked the f**king door." The energy was insane and the music was amazing. But what's even more amazing were her insane but killer outfits! I must admit that my favorite look was the ensemble that she wore during her opening act. She was wearing these leather blue moto jacket with lots of hardware and exaggerated shoulders and Gaga shades that's she is so famously known for. The green architectural dress she wore during the song Paparazzi was a close second, because her initial-fame-Gaga-look is my favorite time period in her fashion timeline. The date of the show couldn't have been more perfect, because it was the same day that her second single, Judas,  from her new, yet-to-be-released album, Born This Way, was 'leaked' on iTunes and made it's way to the #1 spot 10 minutes before the show. She even leaked the album cover for the new record during the encore and later leaked it herself on twitter after the show at 1 am. She even played a new song You and I on the piano, which was beautiful along with a slow version of Born This Way. The props of the show changed approximately five or so times, each one being much more intricate than before, and the encore songs included Bad Romance and Born This Way. It was the best money I've ever spent, and if you've never seen her live, I highly advise that you do. You really can't appreciate Lady Gaga as an artist until you've seen her live. Trust me. Until then, enjoy some of the pictures that I've taken during the show! 

opening act: "Dance in the Dark" & "Just Dance"

"Just Dance"

"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"

"You and I" on the piano



"Bad Romance"

Born This Way album cover leaked during the show! 

Little Monster 

Love, KB

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