Wednesday, January 18, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 8

     Before my shopping adventure this past Saturday, I spent the morning feeling a little off. I don't know what it was (maybe this bipolar weather that refuses to make up its mind -- hot/cold/hot/cold.) Then I figured it out -- maybe the mean reds? Yes, that must be it. I needed a little bit of Holly Golightly and English breakfast tea in my morning. So by the end of the film and during that romantic scene between George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn, I just remembered how long it has been since I've actually worn my trench coat (note to self: move to a place where there are actually seasons.) Then my style thought process was a chain reaction from there: trench coat - tweed-like blazer - yellow (but more like mustard) cable knit sweater - blue polka dot pencil skirt - two-toned oxford flats - mint statement necklace.  And today, the style gods have blessed me with a rainy day which makes my trench coat totally weather appropriate. 

     What's great about a trench coat is that it's a multipurpose staple piece. It can be a raincoat, doubles as an extra layer of coating for a cold and/snowy day, and a last minute I'm running late jacket. Burberry made this piece a classic, but it's actually cinema which made it iconic. Just think of Marlene Dietrich in Subterranean Homesick Blues and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca (here's looking at you kid.) Audrey Hepburn wore it in both Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face (which by the way, is my favorite Audrey movie!) It's one of those timeless pieces that every woman needs to have in her closet. 

     And after yesterday's muted palette of light and nude hues, I was in the mood for some bright colors to battle against this rainy weather. I went on a cable knit crewneck sweater binge this winter and this golden yellow sweater from J.Crew was one of the offsprings. I finally decided that it was time for me to have a handful of quality made knit sweaters so I can wear them for more than one winter season (a lesson in buying quality over quantity coming soon!) Then I was craving a little bit of pattern in this ensemble -- polka dots? Yes please! And to tie in the entire look together I layered the look with this tweed-like blazer that I've had ever since I decided that I'm going to have a wardrobe full of tailored pieces like blazers, jackets, and coats. Fashion 101: If something looks tailor-made for your body, it's going to look expensive regardless of where you purchased it or how much you paid for it. Fit is everything! 

     If you haven't noticed by now, I own a lot of layering pieces, mostly blazers, jackets, and other sweaters and shirts. I genuinely believe that adding a layer of jacket to your outfit adds dimension (and if I may be so bold, interest.) Sure any girl can put on a skirt and blouse and shoes, but it's how you wear and style it that really speaks about your personal taste and style. And since we're already on this topic, one vital thing you have to remember is the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what you see on the runway and in fashion magazines. It's constantly changing with trends coming and going. Style, on the other hand, is how you wear a certain piece and put together certain outfits -- you know, personal style. And as cliche' and drawn out this quote may be, it's the truth about everything we know of fashion: 
"Fashions fade, Style is eternal." Thanks Yves Saint Laurent

Love, KB

trench coat by Banana Republic 
blazer by Silence + Noise -- Urban Outfitters 
yellow cable knit sweater by J. Crew
polka dot pencil skirt by Heritage 1981  
two-toned oxford flats by Kimchi Blue -- Urban Outfitters 
necklace by Forever 21 

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