Monday, January 23, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 13

     Day 13 and this blog series may or may not be getting to me. I'm feeling a little under the weather today, but I have a feeling that it's just this inconsistent weather that fails to make up its mind (cold/hot/cold/hot/SICK.) This may be brief but I hope that everyone finds something useful and learn something new from it. Today's ensemble consists of lace, pleats, the use of colors (in clothing and accessories), and nude pumps. First of all, if you think that lace is strictly an evening or formal wear affair, you're sadly mistaken. So how can you wear lace without all the formalities? Simple -- cream/white lace! I love a good daytime / smart office chic lace. To dress down this fabric, which is notorious for being strictly worn to formal occasions, pair it with a pleated skirt (preferably in a bright color that is not black) and an equally color friendly tailored blazer. If you're not a skirt kind of girl, a cropped pant in a bright hue would also do. 

     If it seems like I'm pushing and pressuring you to wear color, it's because I am. I'm sure I've written it on this blog before, but I'm a true believer in color. A girl in college once told me that she doesn't like to wear color and I nearly had a (silent) heart attack. Okay, that might be an oxymoron, but besides the point! Color makes the world around us more lively and beautiful. Remember when Dorothy was in black and white Kansas? And do you remember how the film was so much better when it finally came to life in Techni-Color?? I know that it's only January, but given the state of things (80 degrees in January, really??) color is a great way to prepare yourself for spring! I wear color all year round, but I admit that when the temperature drops my color palette does get a little dark with a pop of color here and there. If you are like that girl I knew from college then slowly ease your way to color. How? Take baby steps: wear a colorful belt, shoes, clutch, or jewelry until you're comfortable enough to actually purchase a blouse, skirt, or jacket that is not black, white, or cream. Today, the only piece in my ensemble that's in a neutral color is my lace blouse -- I'm wearing a blazer in a light blush hue, a pleated skirt in a darker mint color, a blue/green leaf bib necklace, and coral colored ring (even my nails looks like gold flakes!)  C'mon, don't be so vanilla. Besides, the fashion industry is always obsessed with a new color every season so you're bound to find one that suits you. 

    Which brings us to my next point, are you familiar with the magic of nude pumps? There was a huge resurgence of this color in footwear thanks to the minimalist trend in the fashion scene a couple of seasons ago and I always wondered if women appreciated what it actually does for them. Like wearing black opaque tights with black heels, nude pumps has the similar effect -- it makes you seem taller and your legs miles long. (Again, what woman doesn't want to look taller, especially moi. OMG, now I'm talking like Miss PIggy, what is happening?) I may not be the greatest exhibit for this (because of my heritage, I look "tan" all year round, even though sometimes I feel like I'm pasty as heck, especially during the winter) but to women that have lighter complexions, this trick does wonders to their legs. It creates the illusion that the height from the nude heels is an extension of you. Try it, you'll be surprised at its effect. 

And with that I leave you with this, as Coco Chanel once said, "The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." Happy coloring! 

Love, KB

lace top by Charlotte Russe 
pink blush blazer by Heritage 1981 
green pleated skirt by Sparkle & Face -- Urban Outfitters 
nude pumps by Gianni Bini 
leaf bib necklace by Charming Charlie 
coral ring 

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