Thursday, February 2, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 23

     Day 23 and February is here! And if you're anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line (especially where I am) then you're probably feeling a little hint of spring coming along, but it's not that quite warm yet! This is usually the time of the year when I'm itching for a bit more color and floral in my ensemble and what best way to incorporate that into my look than spring/summer scarves! Instead of reaching for your favorite heavy knit scarf, why not try one of your light summer scarves in that fun and colorful print. There are sooo many ways to tie and style a scarf (Fashion Blog scarf tutorial coming soon? yes?) and today, I just simply tied it using the modern technique thanks to our friends at It sounds fancy, but it's actually quite simple. It's basically a circle, infinity, or tube scarf styling (among its many names) minus the ends of the scarf being perpetually sewn together, because this is just a regular rectangular scarf. 

     With the lightweight scarf being the focal point of my look, it won't necessarily keep me warm so this thermal striped shirt (with super cute gold buttons!) along with my favorite skinny jeans in a classic wash and my new coat investment -- this basic black but super chic pea coat -- I'm toasty as ever. If you've been keeping up with the style series, then I hope that you remembered my style advice when it comes to jackets, blazers, and other outerwear. A basic black pea coat in a very good quality is a must-have investment. I call it an investment because winter after winter after winter, you'll find yourself wearing it over and over. It's basically timeless. I own several winter coats, many of them in different styles and color and for the longest time due to a winter necessity purchase in college, I bought a rather cheap navy pea coat (The town where I went to college was your average college town and it didn't really have a lot of places to shop other than one main shopping mall and tons of small business boutiques which didn't really carry much merchandise.) And after one winter season of wearing it, the navy pea coat already started falling apart! But that's what happens when I pay $30 for a cheap coat that's of poor quality and it took me forever to find one that's just right -- the right color, the right size, great heavy and quality material, and in my price range. 

     I know that not everyone can dish out major cash for an investment buy like a good winter coat, so in that case my advice is wait around for the major winter sales. Wait until after Christmas and New Years when the stores are trying to get rid of all their winter inventory to make room for the spring and summer lines. But word of caution, since a lot of these garments have being hanging on the racks since before Thanksgiving, it probably had to withstand a lot of customer abuse from being touched and tried on. Before you make your purchase, make sure that there aren't any defects in the garments -- rips, stains, missing buttons, etc -- because if it is fixable after a trip to the tailor (or something you can fix yourself!), then the store will (if their store policy permits it, which more stores do) give you a discounted price for the garment except with a caveat. When stores usually give you discounts due to a defect in the garment it's usually a final sale which means that you can no longer exchange it for a refund or store credit, so you've been warned! 

     And finally, what do you think of my sparkly TOMS?? Are you familiar with TOMS shoes? If not, then all you need to know is that they're super comfortable and your purchase goes towards an amazing cause. Because for every one pair of TOMS shoes that is purchased, the company donates one to a child who needs them! How great is that! It's their one for one policy and I think it's fantastic. Being fashionable and a beauty is one thing, but we all have to remember to give back and this is a great start. I got my pair at Nordstrom but if there's not one near where you live, there are also a lot of select stores that carry them or you can go to their website to get your pair. They come in a great array of colors and like I said, they're incredibly comfortable. Remember, being beautiful starts inside. 

Love, KB

striped thermal shirt by J.Crew
black pea coat by Zara 
skinny jeans by BDG -- Urban Outfitters 
scarf by H&M
shoes by TOMS

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