Monday, April 4, 2011

Fashion Blog Guest Editor: Shawn Esclito -- Essential Gentleman's Guide to Country Clubbing

     The conversation about Fashion Blog featuring a segment about men's fashion started innocently enough. But what began as a harmless conversation turned into a very fortuitous event [and beyond brilliant idea] between two very fashion savvy friends. When my good friend Shawn Esclito suggested that I begin featuring blogs talking about men's fashion, I didn't think I was qualified to take on such a venture, for very obvious reasons! I know nothing about men's fashion compared to him! So it was more than fitting when he had taken up my offer to become the author of our very first Men's Fashion Blog. Not only is he very well versed in the subject matter, Mr. Esclito is also majoring in Retail Merchandising and Product Development in my alma mater, Florida State, where we first met. So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce Fashion Blog's first Guest Editor, Shawn Esclito, here to talk about men's key essentials and trends for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! 

Essential Gentleman's Guide to Country Clubbing Spring 2011 Key Trends and Essentials 

Shawn Esclito
@SMTEsc via Twitter

    Whenever I take a weekend trip I always feel the need to take 95% of my closet. Thatʼs unrealistic and silly. So I came up with key trends and essentials for Spring 2011 that are absolute must haves.

     When packing for a weekend trip you always want to make sure to grab a couple of oxfords and polos. Those are your staple pieces and you can easily build around them. If you want to be extra trendy pack an oxford with a golf collar.

Brooks Brotherʼs All-Cotton Extra-Slim Golf Collar Dress Shirt

    Another fun trend for Spring 2011 is the leather braided belt. Personally, Iʼve always owned a leather braided belt, but I've wanted to explore the braid trend some more. That's when I came across Kiel James Patrickʼs sailing belts. This is a new staple I'll be adding to my wardrobe that will definitely stand the test of time.

Kiel James Patrick Barringtons Driftwood Bridge

     The Essential Gentleman's Guide to Country Clubbing is a guide to some key items that a well dressed gentleman shouldnʼt be without this spring/summer while weekending.

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