Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Must Have: Maxi Skirt

     Fashion words of wisdom from Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of WHO WHAT WEAR.commajor trends tend to come back at least every 15 to 20 years. Last year, the 90s denim and floral combination made a huge comeback in the fashion scene and every major department store carried a variation of this trend. But I've never been the type of dresser who follow anything overtly trendy. Sure I'll pick up an on-trend fashion piece, but I would always find a way to make it my own by incorporating my favorite classic pieces. If I want you to learn anything from the Fashion Blog, it's that the classic pieces always triumphs over trendy ones. Because long after that trend has been exhausted, you will still have your timeless pieces that will, as cliche' as it is, withstand the test of time. 

     This year, there's a huge revival for maxi dresses and skirts with the bohemian and hippie chic trend that's going on. The last time I wore a maxi skirt was when I was in middle school -- so just in time for that 15 - 20 year timeline. And with the onset of the minimalism trend that's also happening now, maxi skirts are looking more chic than ever. I'm a sucker for prints and patterns, but maxi skirts in solid prints are easier to wear. But make sure you pick one in bright pastel colors for spring and summer and a couple of neutral colored ones. If you do end up falling in love with a maxi skirt with a print/pattern [I'm head over heels with my H&M floral maxi skirt right now] make sure you tone down the busy print with a solid colored blouse, and vice versa. So your maxi skirt + blouse formula should be: 

(1) solid maxi skirt + blouse with a print/pattern
(2) maxi skirt with a print/pattern + solid blouse 
(3) ***maxi skirt with a print + blouse with a print / fringe or crochet vest 

The third maxi skirt and blouse combination is definitely in the fashion risk territory, but if done correctly (which is always possible in fashion!) it's totally doable. Mixing patterns is tricky but just keep these rules in mind (thanks to Lauren Conrad Style) if you want to take on this tricky venture: 
- Choose patterns that share a neutral background, like brown, black, white, or gray. 
- Make sure that the patterns have at least a few colors in common. 
- Mix up the scale of the prints. 
- Don't go overboard: limit 2 prints and patterns at a time. 

And if that's too much to comprehend at this time, but you still want to add another dimension to your outfit, add a fringe or crochet vest in neutral colors to your outfit! It's very easy to do and very fashion forward. Trust me, the experimentation will be so worth it. Try this at home and I know you won't be disappointed! 

Love, KB

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