Saturday, January 21, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 11

     Growing up in the east coast (of the U.S. for my international readers) my style never wanders too far away from the preppy chic that this region is known for -- yes I own Ralph Lauren classic oxford shirts, J. Crew chinos shorts (in vast array of pastel colors), Sperry Topsider boat shoes, and some form of seer sucker (they're lace up oxford shoes if you really want to know.) And without Lilly Pulitzer dresses and pearls, I bet that mental image looks a bit androgenous to you, doesn't it? Because ever so often, especially now when the nights are cold and the mornings are cool but get toasty because of the bright Florida sun, all I want to do is relax in something comfortable like a chambray shirt, 5" coral chinos, and my Ray-Ban wayfarers. It's Saturday after all -- Oh and Day 11. 

     Aside from dressing according to my mood and the occasion/day's agenda, the weather is also a big factor that goes into the decision making of what ensemble I put together that day. Nothing irks me more than seeing someone dressed inappropriately for the occasion and/or weather (hopefully not a combination of both.) Since it's going to be a pretty casual day (which has a 98% chance of shopping involved in there somewhere) and it looks like it's going to be a typical (Florida) positive bell curve January day (you know, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and cold at night) chinos and some layers that I can put on and take off sounds like the best move. 

     A chambray shirt, or better known as a denim shirt, is another staple piece that I think every woman should have. You should have a handful of basic, long sleeve shirts, with collars. These shirts are great for a last minute outfits or to errands in, especially when paired with jeans. Chambray is just a fancy word for the soft cotton fabric that it's made of. Besides, you don't want a shirt that has the same stiff feel and substance of actual jeans, because then it'd just feel more like a denim jacket. And that's what I love about a chambray shirt is the soft and comfortable feel to it. It's very lightweight, so easy to wear and layer over or under other tops. And since navy is less dressier than black, I chose this navy blazer as an extra layer for added warmth worn over the shirt. 

     As for the accessories, I just went for a brown leather satchel (so that my hands will be free to rummage through the racks of clothes) and champagne colored flats for a hint of girly-ness to an otherwise androgenous look. Oh, and don't forget the fedora! That's my favorite touch. What are your plans this weekend?

Love, KB

chambray shirt by Banana Republic 
navy blazer by Forever 21 
coral chinos by J.Crew
fedora by Urban Outfitters 
champagne flats by Francesca's Collections 
satchel by MNG by Mango

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