Friday, January 6, 2012

Current Craving: Bejeweled & Embellished Collars

     I admit that the end of the Christmas holiday season along with the cold and dreary winter months can indeed be depressing, but that doesn't mean your cold weather wardrobe has to be! When the temperature drops I gravitate towards a lot of heavy knits, layering, and a little bit of sparkle! It may be a little too early to break out the florals just yet, but you can definitely add color to your winter outfits by mixing a lot of colorful knit sweaters and jewelry! Or better yet, bejeweled collars! Through a lot of Instagram-ing I noticed this recurring pattern thanks to Madewell, its resident muse Alexa Chung, Teen Vogue, and Modcloth. I'm already a huge fan of chunky and bib statement necklaces and what a better way to incorporate them than with knits and collars! I'm also in love with the resurgence of these poplin or "peter pan" bejeweled collars! It's pretty much my next favorite combination next to neck ties and poplin collars. Très chic, oui?

knit sweater by Cooperative -- Urban Outfitters 
chambray shirt by Banana Republic 
necklace by Natasha 
jeans by BDG -- Urban Outfitters 
boots by Steve Madden 

Love, KB

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