Tuesday, March 13, 2012

T.V. Obsession: Gossip Girl Dream Sequences

     Can we please address the elephant in the room -- WTF has been going on in Gossip Girl right now?? Really? A Blair and Dan love interest? Really?? I would be lying if I said that I'm not waiting for the April 2 return of Season 5 from its four week hiatus off the air, but this Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey union has pretty much completed all of the possible character hook-ups in the show short of incest. Well sort of.. because Dan and Serena are technically step brother and sister. *shudders. I'm just so thrilled that Eric Daman is an amazing costume designer and it's really the fashion that's still keeping me a loyal fan of the show. 

     But I have to say that in the midst of all the chaos and missed connections in this season (don't even get me started with the whole Blair-Chuck-Dan-Serena triangle.. or I guess in this case, square??) the 100th episode where the faux Gossip Girl was revealed (please go away Michelle Trachtenberg, I liked you better when you were in the Georgina Sparks religious-nut-job phase) and when the big royal wedding took place, it all had me positively tickled when the episode started off with Serena having a Marilyn Monroe "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" dream sequence and Blair comes in dressed up as Audrey Hepburn for Holly Golightly and took away lonely boy (Poor Serena. And right after she confessed her love for the 50th time to Dan.) The dream sequences which involve old and classic cinematic references has to be my second favorite thing about this show. 

     If you're an avid Audrey Hepburn and old classic movie fan like I am, then you definitely appreciate these references more than anyone else in the room when they do happen. I love how teenage girls these days have posters of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's posted up in their bedrooms when they have no idea of the significance of that role, movie, and of Audrey overall. Do they even know why that opening scene when Audrey was wearing the long black dress complete with the pearl choker and sunglasses so important to film's history let alone pop culture? Probably not, but if you're wise enough, you'd learn as much as you can about something before getting behind the fanatics of it. 

     But besides the point! My point is that I love these dream sequences in the show and that Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf makes a much more convincing Audrey Hepburn than Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen does Marilyn Monroe (for obvious reasons: a lack of boobage and that va va voom sex appeal for one.) Is it just me or is anyone else enjoying the decline of Serena's world? Since the beginning I've always been on team Queen B, because there's just something about Serena's character (and Blake Lively herself) that I just don't identify with. Admit it, they're both equally wicked but I feel like despite Blair's tyrannical ways, I'll choose her over Serena any day -- even though Serena's wardrobe on the show is so chic and gorgeous 80% of the time. 

     So I've complied 4 dream sequences from the show (seasons 1 through 5) with the original scene preceding each video from each of its corresponding movies and character roles:
  • (1) The opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's -- Season 1 Episode 4 - "Bad News Blair"
  • (2) The closing scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's -- Season 1 Episode 14: "The Blair Bitch Project" 
  • (3) The vespa scene in Roman Holiday -- Season 4 Episode 21: "Shattered Bass"
  • (4) The "Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend" performance scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -- Season 5 Episode 13: "G.G." 

* I wasn't able to upload the (2) Gossip Girl closing scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's in YouTube through Blogger so I just included the link, so just click it and it will take you to the YouTube site. 
** The same for the (3) Gossip Girl scene of the Roman Holiday vespa scene except I couldn't find an English version to post through Blogger so just click the link below the Spanish one! lol.

You make the comparison! Which is your favorite? Blair as Audrey > Serena as Marilyn? Or the other way around? 


Season 1 Episode 4 - "Bad News Blair"
Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Season 1 Episode 14: "The Blair Bitch Project" 
Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Season 4 Episode 21: "Shattered Bass"
Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday 

Season 5 Episode 13: "G.G." 
Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 
singing "Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend" 

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  1. I'm currently re-watching GG and I must admit when I was 13 I didn't get all the movie links and references. but now I've realised where my obcession with Audrey Hepburn began or even classic movies... I so wish there was still something like GG on tv right now ! great blog post btw :)