Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paper Crown Pre-Spring and Spring 2012 Look Book

     Since yesterday is the official start of spring, I thought that it was more than appropriate to finally obsess over the spring look books! First up, Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown. Since it's first collection, I've been a huge fan of this contemporary, yet more pricer line (or at least compered to her Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohls.) I'm just simply enamored at the design, cut and tailoring, and fabric choices for all the pieces. This season is no exception. The pre-spring and spring collections are filled with so many pieces that are just completely fuss-free and easy to wear -- which is something that this line aims to do. 

     With the pre-spring collection, I love the very nude and muted color palette and the inclusion of lighter knits. It sets a nice tone for the coming of warmer weather. The maxi and cocktail dresses are my absolute favorite in these collections so I think that the nude cocktail dress with the lace mesh that continues to a bare back along with the classic nude maxi with a single tier are so gorgeous. I'm not particularly crazy about the prints used in this season, but I think that the nude, knee length pleated skirt is going to be making a huge statement this season, which will spill over in the fall. Ultra feminine and positive dressing is making a huge scene in trends right now. 

     As for the spring 2012 collection, while the color palette is still a bit muted, the colors are definitely more vibrant. And of course this would not be a Lauren Conrad for Paper Crown creation without her favorite feminine details -- bows! I'm a sucker for bows as well, so my opinion on this topic might be a little biased. I love the explosion of bows in all the details -- in the back of a low cut blouse (scooped back), in the front of a dress, and on the sleeves of a super sheer long sleeve navy blouse. I also love the modest yet modern take on shorts, very elegant, which is perfect for lady-like enthusiasts like myself. The new details that are very prominent in this collection are the bare back dresses and peter pan/poplin collars which is all the hype right now. But I must admit that I'm a bit surprised at the minimal use of prints in this season, so maybe perhaps we'll see more prints in the summer collection? But in her defense, solid print pieces weathers the test of time better than prints, especially conversational prints which are totally trending these past few years. 

Which pieces are your favorite??

Love, KB

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  1. I always love Lauren's maxi dresses and the nude pleated accordian skirt with the blouse is one of my favorite looks.