Friday, January 27, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 17

    Day 17 and I’m simultaneously excited and depressed today because this weekend is the start of my 25th birthday weekend! (cheers* and tears*) And even though raindrops are falling on my head today, that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red (la la la la la.) Or at least they won’t be turning red because of the weather. The only thing that I’m cheery about today is the fact that I will be finally wearing my birthday shopping loot from Zara from last weekend! I spent more money than I really should have (I have been trying desperately to save, but no good) but I still managed to get a lot of really cute pieces, mainly a black pea coat that I have been eyeing since December, and surprisingly saved a ton of money. I won’t even go into a discussion of how to save money and how and where to go for the greatest deals, because quite frankly, I suck at money and will throw down some cash if it means a serious investment piece. But what I am good at is style! And a common theme from my shopping adventure from Zara this weekend are poplin or peter pan collars!

     I know that I’ve been raving about these things since last year, but I think they’re finally catching up to trend. I honestly think they’re a classic, despite the fact that those collars reminds of my former Catholic school uniforms. But I got two dresses (stay tuned for these!) and a blouse which dons these poplin /peter pan collars from Zara’s Trafaluc Collection. But I’m madly in love with this blouse. The moment I saw it, it had Alexa Chung for Madewell written all over it and I knew exactly how to style it. The color combination of black and white, on the other hand, screams Chanel. The fit of the blouse is incredible and the little details like the black collar and the closure buttons in the back is just divine. And since the color palette is so Karl Lagerfeld, I’ve decided to add a little of me to the outfit by pairing it with bright jeans, which are incredibly trendy right now -- also try pairing it with a cobalt blue jeans, a jewel toned green or maybe even a rouge red. Not only is the color a nice unexpected touch, but it gives this blouse, which looks a little reserved and frumpy on the hanger, some youth.

     To accessorize the look, I’ve simply opted for my quilted chain cross body bag in a shiny patent leather and mirrored that design and texture with my black ballet flats which has the same quilted pattern. And by going for black flats instead of any other color, I’ve avoided letting the look become too Circus Circus (this isn’t Las Vegas, you know.) It’s all part of my one or the other rule, which is letting only one statement piece, color, or accessory stand out at a time, because if your ensemble is looking too busy and screaming, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! It’s time to reevaluate and learn how to take away some of the elements that makes you look like an over-accessorized walking mannequin. I’m by no means a simple dresser, but at the same time, I know when to set my limits and know which part of my outfit to highlight. Happy Friday everyone!

Love, KB

black & white poplin/ peter pan collar blouse by Zara 
bright blue jeans by Forever 21 
black quilted flats by Gianni Bini 
black quilted chain cross body bag by Big Buddha
pearl earrings 

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