Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1 Item = Several Wears: 8 Ways to Wear a Onesie

onesie by Heritage 1981

     In today's economy people and fashionistas alike are always looking for ways to get 'more bang for their buck.' This is an American saying which means that consumers want to make every cent count in all of their purchases. So during these fiscally responsible times, investing in a fashion item that can be worn several different ways is a great option for fashion savvy shoppers that are on a budget. So for this very first edition of a segment I'd like to call 1 item = Several Wears, I'd like to explore the many different ways you can wear a onesie

     First thing's first, what the heck is a onesie?! A onesie is a bodysuit much like a blouse or a t-shirt and some them, not all, contain closure clasps at the bottom. In short, it looks like a one piece swimsuit that you don't wear in the water. Its styles include ones with sleeves, long sleeves, and spaghetti straps. They were an invention first intended for infants, but thanks to artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna and stores like American Apparel, onesies have made its way into women's closets. My favorite thing about a onesie is that I can tuck it into any types of bottom, whether it be my favorite A-line skirt, jean cut offs, or skinnies, and the fabric doesn't bunch up and gather at the waist like a regular blouse would. So how can you integrate this fashion item with the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe? 

     One way to wear a onesie, which is also the easiest way to style one, is to pair them with your favorite daytime casual pieces -- think skirts, jean cut off shorts, and bright denim jeans. A colorful onesie, like the minty green one that I own with a floral pattern, is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The pop of color makes it so appropriate for the upcoming warm weather. The trick to these five daytime looks is layering! This not only ads texture to your look, but also depth and interest to the entire ensemble. Layering also doesn't stop with a cardigan or jacket, it also exists in accessories like a chunky statement necklace, a scarf, a belt, or a fedora. I've styled these daytime looks to make that transition from work to play. A lot of us go to school or work during the day and we're always pressed for time, so adding or removing a piece from your ensemble can definitely make it more nighttime appropriate. Just play around with your layers and see what wonderful combinations you can come up with! 

     Denim and jersey can definitely make an entire outfit look more casual, so for situations where fabric and hemline choices become a little more selective (like church or office attire) opt for those conservative, but classic pieces we usually gravitate around. In this situation, a onesie looks great with a pencil skirt or pant suit. You can opt for a onesie with a solid print, but you shouldn't sacrifice color. Just because a much stricter dress code is enforced doesn't mean you have to be boring. Dark and neutral colors are great but it just screams VANILLA and PREDICTABLE to me. You have all of fall and winter to wear your dark colors, so for the sake of spring and summertime, opt for bright and lively colors! Just make sure you meet the requirements for this specific occasion: skin coverage and appropriate hemlines! 

     A onesie can also be perfect with your strictly nighttime affairs like dinner dates and girls night out. The best way to integrate this fashion piece into your nighttime look is by pairing it with a tailored blazer. The playful and colorful print of the onesie perfectly juxtaposes the clean lines of the blazer. And to make this ensemble more nighttime appropriate, pick accessories that are bedazzled with rhinestones and your favorite patent leather pumps or recent on-trend, recent footwear purchase. The point of the matter is, you can easily dress up your onesie by mixing in your favorite high and low pieces a' la Kate Moss!

     So take my advice and try out this trendy piece. I dare you to take your onesie and see how many different outfit combinations you can come up with! Extra points if you can cover all three scenarios (daytime, nighttime, and conservative looks.) Happy dressing! 

Love, KB

1. denim skirt by Mink Pink / cropped jacket by Forever 21 / vintage coral necklace
2. bright blue jeans by Forever 21 / brown belt by Urban Outfitters / cardigan by JCrew / fedora by Urban Outfitters 
3. yellow a-line skirt by Forever 21 / red checkered shirt by Heritage 1981 / vintage chunky necklace
4. floral a-line skirt by Forever 21 / brown belt by Urban Outfitters / denim jacket by Hollister / scarf by H&M
5. denim shorts by H&M / nautical striped long sleeve shirt by Forever 21 / flower necklace by Forever 21 
6. floral pencil skirt by Forever 21 / royal blue polka dot cropped jacket by Kensie 
7. black a-line skirt by Forever 21 / black tuxedo blazer by BCBGeneration / braided necklace by Natasha
8. skinny jeans by BDG / navy blue blazer by Forever 21/ chunky necklace by Forever 21 


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