Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Crush of the Month: Nicole Richie

Fashion of Crush of the Month -- April

     I must admit that I was not a huge Nicole Richie fan. I wasn't very fond of her Simple Life days with Paris Hilton. Her past look of skimpy clothes and multi-colored stringy hair was not my favorite period. But once she cleaned up her act [and her style and look] Lionel Richie's little girl is actually quite the fashionista. She is known in Hollywood to be the definition of bohemian chic. No one can pull that look together so well like Nicole Richie. And regardless if she's rocking blonde locks one day and a brunette do the next, I think she looks equally as chic every time she's photographed by the paps. What I love about her style is that she is always well accessorized. Sunnies are her signature look, but she also doesn't shy away from different types of handbags, scarves, hats, and jewelry. 

So what should you fashionistas learn in today's lesson a' la Nicole Richie?

     In fashion, jackets are the new coats. It's no longer restricted to cold winter days anymore! Cropped jackets are even more versatile, because they're just as great to be layered during the cold tempertures as they are fabulous over a cute sundress during a spring afternoon or cool summer night. But just because jackets are associated with skin coverage, it doesn't mean its color palette always has to be black. Make sure you pick cropped jackets in neutrals as well as bright colors and maybe even metallics! Take Nicole Richie for example, when the temperature drops she styles her cropped jackets with loads of long sleeve layers as well as a chic winter scarf. And when it's warm out, she pairs her cropped jacket with a strapless blouse and some skinnies. 

Lesson #2: MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE ENTIRE DENIM FAMILY: jean jacket, jean shorts, and jean-jeans
     A great pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple for every woman's closet. But denim shouldn't just be restricted to pants. Having a great pair of jean shorts and jean jacket is an absolute essential. I love wearing my favorite jean jacket over a maxi dress and I can't live without jean cut-off shorts during the summer. But take a lesson from Nicole Richie as to how to dress up and dress down this denim family. On an off day, wear your jean jacket with a simple cotton tee and basic black leggings. The jean jacket makes the entire ensemble look less sloppy. Dress up your jean shorts with a long sleeve blouse, black opaque tights and black booties to give the illusion of length. The black-on-black combination will make you look like you have longer legs! Who doesn't want to look taller?! 

     Sunnies are a great way to protect those pretty eyes from the sun's damaging UV rays, but in Nicole Richie's situation, they're also a great way to hide from the paparazzi. I love how Nicole has a 'the bigger the better' philosophy when it comes sunglasses. She's almost always photographed with her black or white round Chanel sunnies or cat-eyed style sunglasses from her very own, House of Harlow collection. The black House of Harlow cat-eye sunglasses with very exaggerated corners are my absolute favorite. It's so dramatic and oh-so fabulous at the same time. 

     The one accessory that's often overlooked and sometimes forgotten are headwears like wide brimmed hats, fedoras, berets, and beanies. And I love wearing hats. It has a classic Audrey Hepburn feel to it. It's so easy to wear and there's an appropriate headwear for every season. Take note from Nicole Richie, for example. A wide brimmed hat in a neutral color is a beautiful and classic addition to a winter outfit. But if you want to go a little more casual, opt for a crochet beanie in different colors! A beanie made of lighter material is great for a cool spring or fall afternoon and one made of heavier material like wool is perfect for colder temperatures. 

     I love how Nicole is almost never without at least one piece of Chanel accessory. She is often photographed with the classic quilted chain purse in various colors [beige, black, red]  and she goes back and forth between her black and white round Chanel sunnies. It's a rare occasion when she's actually wearing more than one or two pieces of Chanel accessory, but word of CAUTION -- drowning in designer logos looks more trashy than classy. It will make you look like you're trying too hard. A great way to approach designer pieces is to use it in moderation, especially pieces that blatantly show its famous logo. It's much better to be spotted in a classic designer piece that can be easily recognized by someone who is very fashion savvy as a tweed Chanel jacket or Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, without exposing the tag. Do wear your expensive designer pieces, but please, one or two logos at a time. I mean, that's what you spent all that money for, right? Just make sure you don't look like a walking magazine ad. 

Love, KB

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