Friday, March 18, 2011

Book Review: WHAT to WEAR, WHERE

     From the ladies who bring us the daily fashion magazine WHO WHAT, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr just released their second book, WHAT to WEAR, WHERE: the how-to handbook for any style situation. The book is a very good follow-up to their first, WHO WHAT WEAR: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life. The focus of the book this time around is much more defined with a concentration on specific outfit ideas for various social occasions from A-Z. From tips to what to wear to an Art Gallery to what to throw on during the Weekend, the book definitely adheres to the authors' motto of life is stressful -- your outfit shouldn't be. The book is filled with practical fashion tips and style suggestions which makes it the perfect reference book and resource for any major social situations, 50 events to be exact! 

Foreword & Fashion Fundamentals 
     With a foreword written by Nicole Richie, you know that it's going to be good. And she made a very good point in saying that as a woman, as soon as we hear about an event we're attending, the first thought that runs through our minds is "what should I wear?!" But before the reader gets to main focus of the book it is soon followed by a section titled, Fashion Fundamentals, which aim to get you thinking about the event itself. The checklist of questions include: (1Location, (2Attendees, (3Fabrics, (4Tailoring, (5Balance -- is your skin-to-clothing ratio correct? (6Presentation -- do you look neat? (7Beauty -- are you appropriately groomed? (8Current Trends -- does your outfit include one of-the moment piece? 

Barbecue & Benefit and Fundraiser 
Birthday Party & Festive Cocktail Party 
Concert & Country Club
Engagement Party & Fashion Event
Girls Night Out & Creative Job Interview 
Sporting Event & Traveling

Every Occasion A to Z. 
     Each chapter begins by introducing the specific event itself. It is in this section where you will find the goal that you need to focus on when putting your outfit together. Then Hillary and Katherine talk about and show their readers what they would wear in each specific situation. But one very important point to keep in mind is that their outfit picks are merely suggestions, for there are many more outfit combinations out there that would be very appropriate and chic for each situation. So please, take note of these images, but make your outfit completely your own! What's more is that each chapter includes sections titled (1) Other Outfit Ideas -- for more suggestions, (2) Go For -- pieces you should consider, (3) Steer Clear -- pieces you should stay away from, and (4) Risky Business -- pieces that you could potentially wear, but only if done correctly. And occasionally, each chapter includes a Beauty Box, Accessory Essential, Beauty Essential, and Side Note sections for more additional tips and things to consider in that specific event. 

     As it currently stands, this book among other style guides are my go-to fashion bibles. They are a very good investment for those of us who are really fashion savvy and even for those of us who are not. The main aim with these books is to help its readers come up with interesting outfit combinations they wouldn't normally think of [obvious reason] and to help them feel more confident about their outfit choices [less obvious reason.] So whether if you're already fluent in fashion or a newbie taking beginning courses, this is a definite must-have in your fashion library. So come and pick up/order your copy today! I guarantee that you're going to love it as much as I do. Happy reading! 

Love, KB

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  1. This is so chic and doable! i think i will bring back the polka dot trend at my work and be the first one to start it