Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video Obsession: Intro to Lauren Conrad's cancelled MTV show

     If you knew me personally or have been keeping up with daily Fashion Blog posts, then you would know that I adore Lauren Conrad. She's my equivalent of a Kate Moss. And she also happens to be my style soul mate. People usually snicker when I say that out loud and think I'm just an crazy and obsessive fan stuck in Laguna Beach and The Hills phase, but what people don't know is that I admire Lauren as a designer and not as a reality-star. When she was 18 years old and started filming Laguna Beach, Lauren has said that the initial hype of being on the show was just that -- being on television. But as the show progressed and she was offered to star in her own reality show, The Hills, she started to approach the reality show as a business opportunity to launch her fashion design career. Even though the show featured Lauren in way too many  black-mascara-crying scenes, being on the show has also given her the great opportunity to make a name for herself in the fashion industry and become a designer, which is her ultimate and childhood dream. 

     Since Lauren started on Laguna Beach, she has worked for Teen Vogue and Kelly Cutrone's fashion PR company, People's Revolution, launched three clothing lines -- Lauren Conrad collection, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls, and Paper Crown -- been on countless magazine covers like Teen Vogue (3 times), Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and a ton of gossip magazines, been a Mark Cosmetics spokesperson and advocating against violence and abuse in romantic relationships, written 3 novels (LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice) and a Style book titled Lauren Conrad Style, been on so many television and movie cameos (like Greek and Family Guy & Epic Movie and BFF and Baby), and television commercials. Oh, and did you know that her first Lauren Conrad Collection went down the LA Fashion Week runway? On more than one occasion. 

     So you can only imagine how utterly upset I was when MTV cancelled her new show, because Lauren refused to include her "personal life" in it. The way she put it, she signed a contract and made a deal with MTV to film a documentary styled reality show (as inspired by the A&E documentary, The September Issue) that will follow the launch of her new contemporary collection, Paper Crown with her childhood friends Maura McManus and Gary Samuelian. In an interview, Lauren has said that her fashion career is very personal to her and that it's a shame that MTV doesn't see that as being the case. And I totally agree! Just because the show is not going to include feuds and crying scenes with her friends and current romance interest doesn't mean the new show isn't "personal" Her career as a fashion designer is definitely very personal to her. Conrad has said in an press release after MTV cancelled her show, that 

"We sold a show to MTV filmed it and are really proud of the final result. MTV felt that the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life. We agreed going into the project that this show would be an aspirational one, focusing on my career and my goals, and not my personal relationships. We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn't feel their viewers were too savvy enough to appreciate it." 

And with that statement, she walked away from doing the show with MTV, which is a shame especially right after this intro to what could've been a fantastic new show, leaked online earlier this week! The intro to the new show was done by a company called Angela + Ithyle which is a company that specializes in still and moving pictures production [think Gumby and Walace and Gromit but without the clay.] The intro was so beautifully done and the soundtrack was perfect, "Roll With the Punches" by Lenka. Everything about it is so Lauren. 

     During her birthday celebration at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, she told reporters that she has received so many offers from other networks that want to pick her new show. And who wouldn't?! MTV made a really bad move with not going with the show, especially when Lauren Conrad is the kind of role model that their network really needs. Do you see a bright future in America's youth when your network only features druken and sexually active guidos and guidettes and pregnant teenage mothers? I DONT THINK SO. 

     I'm not sure if her new show will be picked up by another network, because in a recent red carpet interview, Conrad has said that after MTV stopped filming due to their disagreement, the design process of the new line, which is the most important part of doing a show about launching a new collection, was not filmed. They've missed out on the bulk of the show that's so important to doing a show like that. We'll just have to stay tuned and see if it does get picked up later in the future. For the meantime, I'll be wearing my TEAM LC shirt from Hollister (circa 2004) for Lauren. I'm done with MTV. There is officially nothing on that network that I want to watch. And while they're at it, they should just drop the M too, because they don't even play music or music videos anyway. Relationship OVER. Dunzo. Please enjoy the video and picture stills from the intro. 

Love, KB

*Fashion Blog is a blog that aims to showcase my love and obsession with fashion. I try really hard to keep this a very positive outlet for my love of fashion. I'm very passionate about this issue and especially with how I feel about MTV. I'm very loyal to the causes that I believe in and especially with positive role models in my life. Hopefully this will be the only and last time that Fashion Blog will feature that kind of negativity. Thank you to our daily readers who contribute to the traffic to this blog. I hope that you enjoy reading Fashion Blog as much as I love writing about fashion. 

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