Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion Blog Guest Editor: Jowena Miguel -- California Cool Summer

     It's one thing to be an ardent fan of fashion, but it's quite another to be working and studying in fashion just like Fashion Blog's first guest editor Shawn Esclito and today's new guest editor, Jowena Miguel. I've known her all of my life, because she is practically family -- she's my first cousin! Jowena is an Apparel Merchandising and Marketing Major in Cal Poly Pomona in California. And it's that difference in demographics that became the inspiration for her California take on style. The concept of her blog topic came about when I had introduced to her the idea of Fashion Blog's most favorite post, 1 Item = Several Wears. She said something along the lines of "that's cute, but I would do it completely different. I forgot how east coast style is more preppy compared to California's laid back approach."  And it's completely true! The coastal difference in style (east coast prep vs. west coast cool) is something that I was completely aware of, but subconsciously, something that I never thought of as a potential Fashion Blog topic. So without further adieu, let's see what this California native has to say about how to achieve that effortlessly chic California Summer style! 

California Cool Summer & Must Haves

@jo2theflo via Twitter

     Although we’re barely into the spring season, us folks in Southern California have been feeling the warm summer heat.  As we all know East Coast and West Coast style have always been very different, polar opposites even.   And being a California raisin myself, here are a few tips on effectively mastering the California Cool look for the upcoming summer.

     First off, SoCal have always prided themselves on being laid back and care free, something that can totally be expressed with an eclectic mix of boho hippie chic.  The 1960s is my all- time favorite fashion time period; the wide leg pants, patterns, eyelet and lace ensembles, there’s no doubt about it, this era in time especially in California was the time of rebellion amongst young adults.  I often find myself rummaging through my mom and my grandma’s closet and taking weekend trips to the flea market and other various vintage boutiques in LA to find old pieces to add to my ever growing wardrobe.   Lately there’s been uproar of the 1960s fashion rebellion and in lieu of all the music festivals, it’s only appropriate to notice that the trend of nudes and neutrals are taking a twist to bohemian style.

Do's & Don'ts

· Do use a splash of color in your spring – summer ready wardrobe; accessorize with bold turquoise, jades, and corals to accent and bring out the muted palette when wearing nudes.

· Don’t ever be afraid to mix patterns – as seen in previous Fashion Blog entries, KB is not afraid to mix and match patterns. A California take is mixing florals and animal print.

· Don’t forget that lace is a MUST to inquire an effortless care free ensemble.

· Do pair a great outfit with a fringe leather hobo and cat eyes.

· Don’t doubt yourself when wearing sheer chiffon, just remember to keep it classy and you’ll look fabulous.

· Do mix structured high-waisted cropped trousers with a thick strappy wedge to incorporate a 1960s hippie feel to a more professional day to night look.

     And there you have it! A guide to a successful take on California fashion. Whether you’re from the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, no matter what you wear, remember to wear it confidently. Do’s and Don’ts are only guidelines, everything else is left to your creativity and unique fashion sense As Fashion Blog says, “style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

Jowena M.


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