Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Crush of the Month: Emma Roberts

Fashion Crush of the Month -- May 

     I can't believe I didn't make the connection at first, but did you know that Emma Roberts is indeed related to the Pretty Woman? Yes, Julia Roberts is her aunt! But then again it was kind of hard to make the connection when all the movies that I've seen her in are teeny-bopper ones like Aquamarine and Nancy Drew. But besides the famous bloodline, there is definitely potential there in talent and fashion. But it wasn't until this year when she has finally caught my attention especially with her style. I guess serious movie roles also mean a serious wardrobe to go with it. For all the years that she's been active as an actress, the color of her locks definitely sways between blonde and brunette, but one thing is certain -- Emma is a style maven to watch out for.

So what should you fashionistas learn in today's lesson a' la Emma Roberts?


"Would you rather the daffodil?" Kim
"I thought the bridesmaids all wore the same dress?" Julianne
"Not you. You wouldn't be comfortable unless you're distinctive." Kim
"What else did he tell you?" Julianne

     That was the dialogue exchanged between Julia Robert's character (Julianne) and Cameron Diaz (Kim) in the 1997 romantic comedy, My Best Friend's Wedding, which also perfectly summarizes this first lesson in Emma Robert's style. A lot of her off-camera looks involve dresses with the most unique details and silhouettes, which I think is just fabulous. It's those little details and fashion risks that really makes her stand out in the sea of celebrities on the red carpet. I don't know about you, but when I'm out shopping, the deal breaker when it comes to buying a new dress are those little, but significant details, in the garment, whether it be the fringe or lace detail or the exaggeration of the scoop/cut in the back of the dress or little rosettes or bows in unconventional places. You never want to own an entire closet full of clothes that fully resemble each other "down to a t" (to the smallest detail.) You want a wardrobe of varieties! So learn a lesson from Emma Roberts and go for pieces with unique and unconventional details and very interesting silhouettes that's short of being too costume-y.

Lesson #2: LADY GAGA SAYS BoysBoysBoys, EMMA SAYS ShoesShoeshoes!
     This paparazzi photo of Emma wearing jean cut-offs with black, knee length stockings and leopard shoes is what completely sold me to her style. If anyone can pull of a look like that without looking like a hooker, is A-okay in my fashion book. Then I began to notice her impeccable taste in shoes which range from peep toes to mary janes to glittered pink Louboutins. Having a great variety of styles also doesn't stop in clothes, it exists in footwear too! But then again, what girl doesn't love to shop for shoes?! Take a hint from Emma and buy shoes in different styles and colors. Trust me, it'll mean endless outfit ensembles.

Lesson #3: (ANKLEBOOT IT UP! 
     Ankle boots, or booties, are a perfect way to wear boots all year round. It gives you just the right amount of leg coverage without making it look too inappropriate for warmer seasons. So learn a lesson from Emma and wear yours with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and don't be afraid to buy ones with height! The heel paired with skinnies will elongate your legs and make you look taller. Wear it during a cool fall afternoon or a perfect spring day. 

     Jackets are definitely the new coats! Thanks to the emergence of military and lady like jackets, this versatile fashion piece has made its way in our closets and in our hearts. Back in the day the only jackets we really needed were winter coats for the winter and denim jackets for the summer. This season-less (wear it all year round!) and time-less (wear it during the day or at night!) gives us such limitless possibilities. Learn a thing or two about jackets from Emma and wear ones with different structures, colors, and hardware!

     Speaking of timeless, nothing is more classic than a Little Black Dress. It's one thing to be inventive and unique and it's quite another to be simplistic and appreciate effortless pieces like your LBD. What's great about an LBD is that just about every designer makes a variety of it so there's a perfect Little Black Dress for every woman of different shapes, sizes, and age. Take a note form Miss Roberts and wear your LBD with very minimal jewelry, but dress it up with some metallic pumps, a chic up do, or a fabulous evening clutch. The easiness of an LBD is really all you need when wearing this timeless frock. 

Love, KB

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