Tuesday, January 10, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog Series

     I do a lot of deep thinking during my morning bike ride and an idea that I'm simultaneously excited and a bit unsure about came to me today. The truth is, I'm turning the big two-five at the end of the month and Fashion Blog's one year anniversary, incidentally (or not?) is on the 25th of January as well. On top of everything else, I've made several New Year's resolutions that I intend to keep with one of them being more active with this blog, especially after this past summer's hiatus that turned into a soul searching excursion. So why not kill two birds with one stone, or in this instance three, by starting a style series! So for twenty five days, I will be documenting my day to day ensembles and sharing styling tips along the way. The only rule that I have is that I have to photograph and write a styling post everyday for twenty five days. This will be a good exercise for my styling muscles, a great way to celebrate Fashion Blog's one year anniversary on Blogger, and hopefully will soften the blow of turning twenty-five.. 

Takes a deep breath. Here we go. 

p.s. Please don't mind the polaroid. I was going for like an empty canvas play on imagery -- with the bare dress form and nude slip -- and it just turned out to be like a really cheesy and poor resemblance of a Marilyn Monroe-esque pictorial. Trust me, this was one of the best takes. 

Love, KB

To see the 25 days style series, click the pictures


  1. That's a really great idea! And the polaroid seriously isn't cheesy - I think the general vibe of what you wanted gets across.

    Can't wait to see your outfits!

  2. Thank you! That's a huge compliment! I'm excited too! I really appreciate the feedback =]

  3. You are so cute! I love every outfit. Great presentation.