Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grace Coddington for Vogue -- A Man for All Seasons: Marc Jacobs

     There is no doubt that Grace Coddington is the greatest living stylist, but when you group her work with Annie Leibovitz and Marc Jacobs something magical happens. In the January 2012 issue of Vogue, a feature story, A Man for All Seasons, explores the world that is Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Jacobs was in the midst of creating his Spring 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton in Paris and talks about the upcoming exhibit "Louis Vuitton -- Marc Jacobs" that will explore the transformation of the iconic 158-year-old-leather-goods company into the major fashion house that Jacobs created it to be when he joined Vuitton in 1997. Starting on March 6, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs will open its doors to the exhibit which will have an entire floor dedicated to Jacob's work (one for each year he has designed for Vuitton?) So for this feature story which was photographed by Leibovitz, Grace has highlighted some of Marc Jacob's past work for Vuitton -- roughly from the Fall 2003 to Spring 2008 collections -- (I have that Spring 2007 look, the one with a bag of fresh flowers, tacked on my inspiration board!) and the current spring 2012 collection from Paris, in which the idea was of lightness, prettiness, and gentleness. I'm sure the exhibit will attract the same crowds as the Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit at the MET in NYC along with those LV logo-crazed shoppers that can always be found outside the flagship store. A summer Paris trip anyone?

Love, KB