Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Importance of: Shoes

OMG Shoes

     Nothing makes me happier than a good pair of 6-inch pumps. I'm a firm believer in having a very good shoe wardrobe. Having a classic shoe wardrobe is just as important as having a great closet filled with clothes and accessories. Ever since I can remember my mother has always told me to NEVER buy cheap shoes. And this was a lesson I've always kept in mind, because you're better off splurging on one very expensive pair than buying many cheap pairs that will only last you a few wears. As ridiculous and laughable as it may seem, shoes are great investment, because once you have the right shoe wardrobe and take proper care of your them, they will last you forever

     The building blocks for a versatile show closet is pretty simple and basic and if done right, you will have a shoe collection that will cover all of your life's main events. The absolute must have in a shoe wardrobe is a really good pair of black pumps. Buy it in a classic shape and in the best quality that you can afford. And another thing to remember is the higher the better! High heels are not just a good exercise for your legs, but they also make for a great butt work out too! And every time I wear high heels, it forces me to correct my posture. It makes me stand much straighter and be more poised and composed -- probably because in the back of my mind, I don't want to trip and fall on my face..

     I've categorized my shoe closet as follows: 
  • Platforms -- Which consists of my 6-7 inch heels. They will make you feel lean and tall [duh] I come back to my black Steve Madden heels after time and time again. It's simple, yet classic and they're so versatile! I can wear them with a dress or even just jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. 
  • Peep toe [or open-toe pumps] -- This is the easiest and most fun style to buy, because they come in so many varieties. Buy them in different colors, but make sure you have at least one black pair since it's the easiest to wear. 
  • Metallic -- Having one gold and one silver pair will solve all of your evening wear challenges. You can get them in the classic pump or strappy styles. 
  • Gladiator -- If you're going for a more edgier look to your outfit, these are the go-to shoes for that occasion. 
  • Mary-Jane -- These shoes are the best to be paired with colorful or neutral colored stockings!
  • Embellished -- Embellished pumps are great for dressing up a simple, pattern-less dress and it goes great with an LBD. Make sure you get them in fun, bright colors. 
  • T-Strap -- These have the same idea as mary-janes but the straps have more design and pizzazz to them. 
  • Pointed -- Pointed pumps are the best shoe candidate for work trousers and it can go just as well with a pencil skirt. 
  • Espadrilles -- These are perfect for sundresses and any spring or summer flowy ensemble. It gives you the height without the formalness of a pump. 
  • Flats -- Ballerina flats are another  must have in your shoe closet. It can be just as dressy as your classic black pumps, but with loads of comfort. A good black basic ballerina flats go with almost anything and everything but you can get them in fun colors too and some with lots of embellishments.
  • Boots & Ankle Boots -- Your winter boot collection should consists of at least two flat and leather riding boots in brown and black, which are my personal preference when it comes to boots. But you can also get them with a heel which makes them a bit more dressier. Ankle boots are also another great option, because they give you the warmth of a boot without committing too much to leg coverage. They're great if you want to show off your patterned stockings. 
  • UGG Boots -- Need I say more? They're comfort and warmth all in one. Just make sure to never wear them with sweat pants and a hoodie when running errands. At least have the decency to put on jeans if you must wear these in public. 






Embellished, T-Strap, Pointed




Ankle Boots 

UGG boots 

     Having a classic shoe wardrobe is so worthwhile, but it also doesn't happen instantly. I know that my shoe closet is just in its beginning stages. I hope to add my friends Louboutin, Blahnik, Choo, and Atwood in there some day. But for the mean time, if you can't afford that $800 pair of Manolo Blahniks, at least make sure that you have at least one good, classic pair of black pumps. I can't stress this point enough. Trust me, you'll thank me later. 

Love, KB


  1. Where did you get the tall brown boot, the one in the middle??

  2. Almost all of my leather boots are by Steve Madden! =]