Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week: Fall 2011 Review #2

Derek Lam
February 13, 2011
10:00 AM

Runway to Real Way

  • 39 looks in the collection 
  • Color: A mixture of dark and light colors like bright red, powder blue, olive green, winter gray, and the usual neutrals like brown, black, cream, and navy blue and a hint of golden yellow, orange, and garnet. 
  • Fabric: Heavy wool, silk rayon, twill, leather, stretch flannel, fluid silk jersey and fur. 
  • Prints & Patterns: The majority of the collection contains solid prints, but there are definitely some prints such as plaids and stripes. 
  • Accessories: Outerwear includes several pea coats and a shearling vest. As for the footwear, oxfords and ankle booties with some peep toes dominate the collection. 
  • Theme: Classic American sportswear. 

Tory Burch
February 13, 2011
2:15 PM
"English country dressing translated through American sportswear"
  • 39 looks in the collection. 
  • Color: The collection is dominated by a lot of earthy tones like different variations of  browns and blacks, but there are definitely hints of color like red, orange, blue, and purple. 
  • Fabric: Tweed, chiffon, leather, lace, fur, wool, and polyester. 
  • Prints & Patterns: Tweed in checkered and plaid patterns with bow blouses, scarf print maxi skirts, and flared trouser suits. 
  • Accessories: Matching tweed crossover bags, leather handbags and boots, and bows serving as neck ties. 
  • Theme: Louche seventies vibe.

Diane Von Furstenberg 
February 13, 2011
4:00 PM
"American legends"
  • 49 looks in the collection. 
  • Color: The palette consists of black, ruby red, royal blue, with plums and pinks, and minty green. 
  • Fabric: Silk, charmeuse, jersey, sequin, chiffon, polyester, and fur. 
  • Prints & Patterns: The collection is bursting with pioneer and casino inspired prints like hearts, diamonds, and spades. But there were definitely pieces in shimmery, solid prints. 
  • Accessories: Fringe suede and black leather boots, wide brimmed hats, leather belts integrated in the wrap dress and blouses, and fur worn as a vest or outerwear coat. 
  • Theme Pioneering spirit/ Wild West.

Carolina Herrera 
February 14, 2011
10:00 AM
"Sometimes you get carried away and are inspired by the moon or the stars or a book that you are reading"
  • 41 looks in the collection. 
  • Color: Different shades of black, grey, and brown and hints of bright orange, copper, powder blue, and periwinkle green. 
  • Fabric: Silk, wool, fur, and flannel. 
  • Prints & Patterns: Lace, water color and abstract prints. 
  • Accessories: Skinny and wide high waisted belts.
  • Theme: Streamlined and straightforward American sportswear. 

Monique Lhuillier 
February 14, 2011
3:00 PM
"Fall is about sensuality. And besides, women feel beautiful in black."
  • 44 looks in the collection and all forty-four looks are featured below
  • Color: Black -- the first 22 looks were black. Other neutral colors like nude, brown, and gray. Dark red, dark violet, and olive green. 
  • Fabric: Silk organza, lace, chiffon, wool crepe, taffeta, tulle, and ostrich feathers.
  • Prints & Patterns: Cheetah print, lace, fur, and ruffles. 
  • Accessories: Belted bows, lacquer braided belt, and ribbon strapped shoes. 
  • Theme: Sheer drama. 

Betsey Johnson 
February 14, 2011
6:00 PM

  • 91 looks in the collection. 
  • Color: Every color in the rainbow. The first forty looks were dark -- blacks and brown with a splash of dark red, bright yellow, neon blue, pink, and purple. The second half of the collection was Betsey Johnson's new lower priced lined called Pink. *It was modeled by 50 of her retail stores employees around the country, all of them wearing blonde wigs with bangs. The new collection featured a lot of bright, neon colors. 
  • Fabric: A mixture of light and heavy fabrics like wool, jersey, fur, lace, and polyester. 
  • Prints & Patterns: Animal prints, plaid, florals, lace, skulls, and caricature prints. 
  • Accessories: Peep-toe lace up booties, floral combat boots, patterned and colorful stockings, and cross over chain purses. 
  • Theme: "He loves me less."


Love, KB

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