Sunday, February 20, 2011

WANTED: Grace -- Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

     By now, it should be no surprise that Grace Coddington is one of my favorite stylist and creative director of all time. I love how I can flip through a freshly new print of Vogue and see that a spread in it has Grace written all over it. I'm so in love with her work. American Vogue made her an icon, but long before the release of the documentary The September Issue, which popularized this influential woman, Grace and the publishing company Edition 7L released a coffee table book that chronicled thirty years of her work -- in short, a 400 page fashion spread heaven. When the book was printed in 2002, the hardcover book, which weighed about 10 pounds, was retailed for $120. Today, it is absolutely impossible to find a copy that's less than $1,200! It's insanity. I've even gone so far as to email the publishing company to inquire about the book. And to my disappointment, I was told that the book is completely sold out world wide and that they have no plans on reprinting it. Bummer. The only remaining copies are the ones that are being sold online by third party retailers for over $1,200 for a used copy and over $3,900 for a new one. So now, it has become my new life mission to seek out this coveted book so that I could add it to my fashion library. It's either that or pay a hefty amount of money for it. If you have any information of its whereabouts, without having to resort to an Internet purchase, please  -- alert me immediately. 

Love, KB


  1. I am so craving this book as well!!!
    I cant believe how high the price is!!!
    Maybe theres a place where i can rent it from a library somewhere...
    either way, amazing post! Ive found another Coddington fan!


  2. hi there
    did you ever get the book you were wanting? I have it and am selling it.
    Are you interested?
    i will email you details
    Best wishes

    1. How much are you selling it for?

    2. Emma, did you sell your copy yet?

  3. I also have this book, in pristine condition. Interested? I'm in New York City.