Friday, February 11, 2011

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week: Fall 2011 Review #1

 BCBG - Max Azria 
February 10, 2011
10:00 AM

Runway to Real Way
  • 34 looks in the collection
  • Color: Neutrals with hints of color. White, gray, black, charcoal, camel, nude, olive, red, and blue-ish violet. 
  • Fabric: A lot of light, breezy fabrics with pieces made out of chiffon and the underlying sheer white turtleneck and heavy wool with fur for some of the outerwear. 
  • Prints & Patterns: Very minimal, hardly any prints. Solid colors and prints dominate the pieces of the collection. Max Azria showed a lot of V-neck necklines for this season, from the blouses to the dresses.
  • Accessories: Belts in neutral hues like black, nude, grey, and brown that are worn below the waist. Knee high boots in black, brown, and nude hues. 
  • Theme: Definitely very minimalistic. 
My favorite looks are as follows:

Luca Luca
designed by Raul Melgoza 
February 10, 2011
3:00 PM
  • 30 looks in the collection 
  • Color: Very colorful and earthy color palette. Fiery red, olive and pixie green, golden-bronze-y-and mustard yellow, taupe, bright orange, charcoal grey, whites, and fuchsia. 
  • Fabric: Lots of texture with a mixture of light and heavy fabrics but mostly chiffon and polyester and some fur -- beautiful movement. 
  • Prints & Patterns: A lot of floral and nature inspired prints like leaves and feathers. But there was also a good amount of solid and shimmery prints. 
  • Accessories: High waisted belts with the trousers, skirts, and dresses. Some pointed metallic jewelry and zipped up booties with laces. 
  • Theme: Earthy but modern. 

Christian Siriano
February 10, 2011
7:00 PM

"A dark collection, some beautiful colors mixed in. Jackets, trousers, beautiful dresses and fantasy were my look this time."
  • 36 looks in the collection 
  • Color: Black, shimmery and charcoal gray, dark olive green, pinkish plum, and a whimsical light pink. The first eight looks were black with the first twenty-four being dark colors, but it got progressively colorful throughout the show. 
  • Fabric: A mixture of light and heavy fabrics for all the pieces -- wool, leather, silk, chiffon, cotton, and polyester. 
  • Prints & Patterns: A lot of the black/dark pieces were in solid prints and there were a couple of shimmery dresses including a floor length gown with a train. But the pieces with color contained abstract water color prints of what looked like petals and leaves. The skirt on the finale dress looked like a bouquet of light pink carnation flowers. 
  • Accessories: Sky high, studded platform shoes and ankle booties. Neutral colored belts with the high waisted trousers. 
  • Theme: Fantasy. There was a transition of the looks from being androgynous with the blazers and trousers to very romantic and feminine with the whimsical dresses. 

Love, KB

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