Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look Book: Fall 2011 Alice + Olivia

   With New York Fashion Week debuting tomorrow, what's a better way to prepare for the fashion festivities than a preview to Alice + Olivia's pre-fall 2011 look book! When Stacey Bendet, the creator of Alice + Olivia, was asked about her new Fall 2011 collection, the designer said that she had "a nutty grad student turned assistant professor" in mind as her inspiration. But don't be fooled by that statement! There are pieces in this collection that are classroom appropriate and date night ready. And from the looks of it, minimalism is here to stay -- or at least for this upcoming fall season. The collection also has a vast array of outwear options which includes voluminous petticoats, cropped jackets,  and sweaters, and hints of fur! And aside from the cocktail and day dresses, Stacey Bendet also included trouser pieces and long skirts. And these bottom pieces shouldn't be a big surprise since Stacey Bendent started the company in 2002 by first designing a line of pants! One piece in particular is this wide-leg pant, strapless jumpsuit that's very chic. 

     My favorite looks of the collection includes this black, asymmetrical, one-sholder dress, a nude patterned cocktail dress, and a glittery black dress complete with sleeves [very Audrey Hepburn.] I also loved this emerald, broad-shoulder jacket and the shimmery grey skirt and jacket ensemble with a big bow which serves as a closure. The collection is so beautiful, I know you will love it. Come take a look! 

Love, KB

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