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Patricia Field Creations: Sex and the City The Movie

"Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two L's: labels and love."

     I distinctly remember all of the hype to this movie during the summer of 2008. Women all around the country got all dolled up along with their girlfriends to go see it on its opening weekend. To avoid the hectic crowd and save a couple of bucks by seeing it during a week day instead of the weekend [when  in college, saving money is everything], I finally got to see this movie with four other friends a couple or weeks after its release. Even then the movie theater was still packed with women from their early twenties like us and some in their late forties/early fifties. From the opening credits of the song "Labels or Love" performed by Fergie to Jennifer Hudson's "All Dressed In Love" the movie was everything I thought it would be plus a lot of unexpected tears. Yes, I cried during the movie. Don't judge me. But aside from the great story which did the HBO series complete justice, the one thing that stood out the most to me was the fashion. Oh, Patricia Field how you've done it again. 

Carrie: vintage dress and coat
Eiffel Tower bag by Timmy Woods
Charlotte: dress and shoes by Prada and purse by Chanel
Carrie: shirt, vest, tie, and pants by Ralph Lauren and shoes by Manolo Blahnik
Miranda: dress by Alberta Ferretti and shoes by Luciano Padovan
Samantha: jacket by Thierry Mugler, Skirt by Valentino, purse by Fendi, and shoes by Roberto Cavalli
Samantha: jacket by Thierry Mugler and skirt by Herve' Leger
Carrie: vintage dress
Miranda: dress by Maggie London
Charlotte: dress by Salvatore Ferragamo
     I wasn't a die hard fan of the show when it was on air from 1998-2004. After all, I was only eleven when it first came on, for heaven's sake! I only began watching it during its episode- rerun-stage on other networks like WB (now known as the CW) and TBS. During its five year run on HBO and it's debut on the silver screen four years after the series had ended, Patricia Field has been the production's costume designer and stylist since day one. And boy did she not disappoint for this movie. The wardrobe this time around is much more sophisticated, beautiful and of course, expensive! Top design labels are definitely present with the fashion coming not only from New York City but also France and Italy. Pat Field did an amazing job of telling the story through the clothes. 

"Pat Field is an artist. She has a unique vision, because she's impulsive and collaborative, and almost like a Jazz musician. I mean I've had amazing experiences where I felt like, 'Oh, let her lead the way.' " 
- Michael Patrick King (writer and director of Sex and the City The Movie)

     Even though I'm more of a Charlotte than a Carrie, I couldn't help but obsess over her wardrobe soon after leaving the theater -- (1) the black Dior extreme gladiator shoes, the vintage clothes and accessories like the (2) black studded belt, (3) the green floral dress and coat she wore while apartment hunting, and (4) the red floral dress she wore to the auction (5) the 'Something Blue' Manolo Blahnik shoes, and (6) the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress. In that moment, I wanted Carrie Bradshaw's closet. It was incredible how the clothes were a symbol of time passing and how different the lives of the characters are since the finale episode of the television series. The only scene in which Pat Field did not style was the Vogue wedding dress shoot where the real life Vogue team was used. Fashion Trivia: From the make up artists to the hairstylists, even the photographer such as the renowned photographer, Patrick Demarchelier was featured in the film, along with editor at large Andre' Leon Talley and the west coast editor Lauren Howell -- all from the Vogue family. 

     If this was just a production about four women and their sex lives then of course I would have no expectations whatsoever about the quality of their wardrobe. The simple fact that this franchise is about four women and their sex lives while living in New York City makes the fashion that much more important. From Carrie, to Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, Pat Field did an incredible job of having their characters tell their story through the clothes. To me, the love stories almost takes a back seat to the fashion, which is kind of shocking since I love L-O-V-E. Come check out these beautiful images from the movie. 

Love, KB

"It's all about those details that tell the story of how you dress."
- Patricia Field

Charlotte: dress by Valentino
Samantha: jacket by Thierry Mugler and skirt by Dior
Miranda: dress by Sinequanone
Zac Posen bridesmaid dresses

wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood

Something Blue - Manolo Blahnik

Charlotte: dress by Gianfranco Ferre, top Valentino, jacket by John Galliano, and gloves & pin by Chanel
Miranda: dress by Prada and coat by J. Mendel
Samantha: white mink and gloves by Sonia Rykiel 
Carrie: dress by Dolce & Gabanna and chinchilla by Lucien Pelat

Charlotte: dress by Vicki Tiel, shoes by Miu Miu, and bag by Chanel
Carrie: vintage cape by Yves Saint Laurent, shoes by Dior, and bag by VBH
Samantha: mirrored dress, shoes by Stuart Weitzman, and bag by Swarovski.
Miranda: dress by Carolina Herrera, shoes by Brian Atwood, and bag by Roberto Cavalli

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