Friday, January 20, 2012

25 Days of Style: a Fashion Blog series -- Day 10

     Day 10 and I'm feeling like a lady today. Or maybe it's just Derek Blasberg's "exceptional advice for the extremely modern lady" that has me feeling inspired. For the past few days, I've been reading Blasberg's New York Times Bestseller, Classy. I've had this book on my Amazon wish list forever and it wasn't until a perfect and opportune time presented itself to me this week did I finally pick up and purchase a copy. As someone who is a big fan of nice, classy, and well- behaved young women and positive role models (in the midst of this world tainted by MTV and the E! network) everything written in this book is like music to my ears and resonates a lot of wisdom that I live my life by. Blasberg wrote that, "Too often have I found myself surrounded by bad-mannered young women, or out with friends who are dressed outrageously inappropriately. Too often have I witnessed nasty girls get propped on society's pedestal and become famous for all the wrong reasons." AMEN. I'm really considering giving this book as a gift to my younger girl cousins in hopes that I can still save them from Teen Mom, the Jersey Shore, and the Kardashians

     Who better to represent a lady than Audrey Hepburn? I have this framed picture of Audrey on my desk wearing one of her famous hats as a daily reminder of poise and elegance. And when I'm in the mood for a lady-like ensemble in my day, I just reach for one of my favorite dresses in a classic and timeless silhouette. I know that it's not quite spring yet, but that doesn't deter me from choosing floral prints all year round. I got this floral dress from Modcloth a couple of years ago, and I'm still not sick of wearing it season after season. It has a very modest neckline, an A-line skirt, and an adorable back which can be tied into a bow. And since it's not warm enough to wear this dress on its own, I layered a black cotton vest over the top half bodice of the dress which serves as an extra coverage in the back. With the addition of this long black coat with a similar A-line skirt pattern, the outfit seems as if it's two separate pieces, a top and a skirt. 

     What's great about this coat is the way that it cinches at the waist (which creates the lines for the A-line skirt.) Most coats are pretty shapeless and can make you look boxy and straight, which is a terrible silhouette, especially if you want to showcase the fact that you actually have girl curves. Lady-like looks consist of features that highlight your womanly assets, but in a very tasteful and classy way like showing off your waist, shoulders, and a hint of bare back (oo la la.) Hemlines on lady-like ensembles are usually pretty moderate, either just above the knee or tea-length (just think Betty Draper from Mad Men.) My favorite part about this coat are the bows on the closure clasps! Bows are one of my favorite details on a garment! They're such adorable details to have on everything. Just add a pearl headband, (to go with this adorable ballerina bun! see the beauty department tutorial video below.) pearl necklace and the ensemble is something Audrey herself would've been proud of. 

Are you feeling like a classy lady today? How do you style your lady-like looks?

p.s. A little style trick: by gathering your hair away from your face, it highlights your waist, especially when wearing A-line skirts and dresses. But watch out for those wretched fly aways! *As evident in these pictures. 

Love, KB

floral dress by ModCloth
black cotton vest by Forever 21 
coat by Twist by Forever 21 
black suede pumps by Steve Madden
vintage pearl necklace 
pearl headband by Natasha 

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  1. Great post! The ballarina bun tutorial was also really helpful. XOXO, melissa.

  2. oh good! more video tutorials to come with blogs soon =]