Friday, May 13, 2011

What Should I Wear for a Summer Music Event?

     When we think of summer, a handful of things come to mind like going to the beach or spending a lot of time soaking up the sun poolside, seeing summer blockbuster movies (I always look forward to another great Pixar production every summer), going to a theme or water park, or even planning a summer road trip. But for those of us who are very music savvy, summer also means great music events like Coachella, the Warped Tour, or some great pop-music artist performing in a local stadium arena. So if your summer plans include one of those musical gatherings, you will eventually have to ask yourself, What Should I Wear for a Summer Music Event?

     There are two types of summer music events – Music Festivals, like Coachella and the Warped Tour, and a Concert. You may think they are all one of the same, but the distinction can be made in the location (arena/open field and indoors/outdoors) and the duration of the event, which can be distinguished by the number of musical acts that are going to performing. Music Festivals like Coachella and the Warped Tour tend to be all day events, while concerts that take place in a stadium sized arenas only usually lasts a few hours. 

     Your goal for your music festival ensemble, according to the founders of WHO WHAT WHERE, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr’s book, WHAT to WEAR, WHERE is to “create an outfit that works in challenging weather and is incredibly comfortable, but still infused with coolness.” In short, make sure your outfit choice consist of pieces that will be weather and temperature change friendly. So go for pieces that are made out of very lightweight materials like cotton, jersey, and chiffon. Don’t forget your laying pieces for when the sun sets and the temperature drops. For a music event like the Warped Tour where the music is more intense and rock n’ roll, denim cut-offs, a racerback tank or cotton tee, and some very comfortable shoes (you’re going to be doing a lot of standing, dancing in place, and possibly even jumping) is a foolproof ensemble. As for Coachella where people actually sit on the grassy field and the music is more chill, go for lightweight, but still playful pieces with a fun summer print, that you can comfortably move around, sit up, and sit down in. the Warped Tour

... like Coachella 

     As for concerts, the goal is to “create a movement-friendly outfit with lightweight layers and at least one on-trend element.” Most, but not all, concerts are usually held indoors, so to me that only means one thing – the ever-fluctuating temperature! Before the concert begins, venues like stadium arenas are usually kept really cold, and for a good reason! You try packing an entire covered space with thousands of people: breathing + body heat = change in temperature (oh, and in smells, yuck.) So my go-to fashion piece for a concert are jeans. Not only will it let you comfortably walk up and down those mile long steps to get to your seat, but it also serves as a great layer for the varying temperatures. As for your top options, go for a fun and on-trend blouse and you can even bring along a lightweight cardigan if you get cold in the beginning of the show or in between set changes. As for your shoe options, just know that you’re probably going to be doing a lot of dancing and standing during the performances, so you’ve been warned if you decide to opt for heels than flats – either way is fine with me, just know your limits. Concerts also have a very anything-goes feel to it, so this is the perfect time to have fun with your make up and accessories! Maybe now is the time to finally try out that smoky eye or glittered liquid liner that you’ve been dying, but too shy, to do. And of course, break out those fun statement and costume jewelry. Just keep in mind that movement increases your body temperature, which means sweat, which can irritate your skin when it comes in contact with your fashion accessories, like your necklace, which may contain nickel. 

     So mix and match some appropriate summer music event pieces and see what amazing combinations you can come up with. Just remember to have fun with it and have fun at the shows! Happy singing and dancing!

Love, KB

1. vintage MTV tee / crochet vest by Forever 21 / skirt and belt by Heritage 1981
2. lace top by Forever 21 / vintage pearl necklace / denim cut-offs by H&M 
3. racerback tank by Kimchi Blue / denim cut-offs by H&M / feather necklace by Forever 21 
4. jersey tank by J. Crew / fringe vest by Heritage 1981 / maxi skirt by H&M / feather necklace by Forever 21 
5. top by Silence + Noise / denim cut-offs by H&M / flower bag by Antonio Melani 
6. maxi dress by Forever 21 / fringe vest by Heritage 1981 / belt by Gap
7. top by Cooperative / skinny jeans by Forever 21 / bib necklace by Natasha / black quilted bag by Big Buddha 
8. top by Forever 21 / skinny jeans by Forever 21 / necklace by Urban Outfitters / chain clutch by Jacobs by Marc Jacobs 

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