Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion News: Leighton Meester for Vera Wang Fragrance 'Lovestruck'

first leaked photo of Leighton Meester
for Vera Wang's fragrance, Lovestruck

     With the return of the fourth season of Gossip Girl a couple of weeks ago [and only a couple of episodes left until the season finale!] I finally got my fix of fictional and over-exaggerated upper east side drama in my life. But even though the cycle of hook ups with all of the characters has completely ruined the franchise, I still stayed a loyal fan to the show just for the fashion, and of course, Queen B. Photographs of Leighton Meester surfaced last November (2010) in this gorgeous dark plum/ wine-colored/ maroon, mermaid styled strapless Vera Wang gown when talks of the Gossip Girl star becoming the fresh face for Vera Wang Fragrance started. The leaked photos featured the gorgeous Leighton Meester atop a balcony terrace of what looks like a New York City fire escape, looking very natural in light hair and make-up. The campaign ads for the fragrance were said to be released this summer and will start appearing in glossy form soon. And this past weekend the first photo(s) of the ad campaign just surfaced online for a fragrance called Lovestruck by Vera Wang. So until its official release, enjoy these leaked and candid shots of Blair in her natural habitat: couture and the city! 

Love, KB

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  1. She is so pretty and amazing actress in Gossip Girl TV Show. She did a good job and always dress well in the show. I am big fan of her acting.