Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magazine Covergirl: W Magazine -- January Jones (May 2011)

swimsuit by Marie Fernandez / shoes by Giorgio Armani / cuffs by Tana Acton / vintage earrings

dress and jacket by Giorgio Armani

     January Jones has been on the forefront of entertainment news lately, because of her confirmed pregnancy, in which the father is unknown (so far). Controversies aside, all I know is that I'm just impatiently waiting the release of Mad Men on Netflix in July! Her role as Betty Draper in the hit AMC show which is set in the 1960s is what catapulted her career. And it also doesn't hurt that she's incredibly gorgeous and has such a great sense of fashion. Remember her red carpet looks this past award season?! -- that sexy red Versace gown she wore to the Golden Globes and the beautiful lace Carolina Herrera dress she wore to the SAG Awards. Her look and style is what epitomizes that old Hollywood glamour that I love so much. Besides, no one can rock those old Hollywood waves hairstyle than January. So what else don't we know about this actress? Here are some random facts about January as revealed in her May 2011 cover story with W Magazine

1. She is named after the 70s heroine January Wayne. Not familiar with Once is not Enough? Look it up. 
2. She is going to be starring as Emma Frost in the summer action flick, X-Men: First Class where her mutant character can read minds and turn into a diamond. 
3. When she was 18, she left South Dakota for New York City to become a model. The classic small town girl gone big in the fashion and show business, but then again she's so incredibly pretty and talented that it's bound to happen! 
4. For Halloween, she dressed up as the famous French designer, Yves Saint Laurent, where she wore a tux and a bow tie, but was just mistaken as the guy in the Six Flags commercials. 

So if you didn't know all of these random facts about January Jones, now you do and can use it as conversation starters. Oh, and by the way, I DIE for the Versace cat-eye sunglasses she wore in this May 2011 cover shoot of W Magazine. I want need them. Badly. 
jumpsuit by Celine

dress by Michael Kors / shoes by Gucci /
necklace by Gina Pankowski / (right) bracelet by Sergey Jivetin / (left) bracelet AS Collection

bikini by Giorgio Armani / cuffs by Tom Binns / ring by AS Collection
dress by Versace / shoes by Giorgio Armani

tunic and briefs by Calvin Klein

jumpsuit by Celine / sunglasses by Versace
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