Thursday, February 3, 2011

Window Art: Winter Edition

"Fashion is the most powerful art there is.  It's movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be."
- Blair Waldorf 
     Another thing that you have to know about me is that I'm obsessed with window displays. I have this weird fascination with them. To me it's like another form of art that's constantly changing and always inspiring. I've always wanted to be the person designing them and making them come to life! On top of which, I get a lot of outfit and creative ideas from these displays. And on a recent trip to Orlando, Florida for my 24th birthday, I saw this window display outside Anthropologie that was so whimsical and beautiful -- I imagine it's what my dreams look like, colorful and eccentric [and I do dream in colors!]  The display was this gorgeous pastel yellow, one-shoulder dress with a long train that breaks into little petals of yellow and coral into the wind. 

     So when I see a window display or a dress form in an interesting outfit, I immediately reach out for my iPhone 4 and take a picture. That's the beauty of this kind of art form -- it's free and very inspirational! And in today's economy, nothing's better than free. After looking through the images on my phone I thought those pictures would make an interesting blog segment and something for all of you readers to try at home! Window displays could also be another substitute to magazines when you want to find the season's latest trends or just an idea or two for a new outfit to wear. I'm always looking out for new outfit ideas wherever I am. Here are some of some interesting wardrobe ideas I've seen and compiled for this winter season:

Mix a denim shirt with your favorite winter pieces. 
A denim shirt?! Who knew right? Denim is making a huge revival right now and not just in the jeans department. Pair a denim shirt with a textured/patterned skirt, preferably something that closely resembles tweed or wool or even sequins as pictured above! Also add a skinny metallic or brown belt to define your waist. Then add your favorite winter accessory like a statement crystal necklace, cashmere scarf, or full length winter coat! I'm in love with the idea of mixing a denim shirt with a red nautical stripe shirt tucked into an A-line sequined skirt and cinched by a brown belt as featured in look #3. 

Chelsea and Violet & BB Dakota 
Wear a colorful and patterned dress for the winter season! 
As much as I love the Little Black Dress - LBD for short, [thank you Coco Chanel] many women gravitate towards a lot of dark and neutral colors when the temperature drops. I embrace colors and patterns all year round! I think it's the best way to brighten up your gloomy mood, especially when the cold weather has you bundled up and feeling a bit down. I'm often seen in the middle of January wearing a floral dress paired with colorful stockings! I feel like it's just my way of patiently waiting [and welcoming!] spring. 

Urban Outfitters 
Layer different pieces and different patterns
I love layering as much as I love a good tiered dress. Not only will this keep you warm but it's also so fun and chic. Try layering a lace top with a chunky knit complete with a colorful statement necklace, or layer an A-line skirt with a grandpa cardigan tucked in or out and complete the outfit with a patterned scarf, stockings, and ballet flats or ankle boots. You'll be ready to play in the cold in no time! 
Wear a white dress in the winter! 
Many women try to avoid white in more than one occasion, but I love a white dress moment when it's cold out. Even though black and white falls in the same color categorization, the way I feel about black is so so different with the way I feel about white. When I think of white, I think of a white canvas, a clean white sheet of paper, or white flowy curtains. The beauty about this color is that you can accessorize it with any color! I see a white dress and I immediately think of the emerald, coral, or cerulean jewelry that I want to pair it with. And nothing says Coco Chanel better than a white dress paired with black patent leather pumps. So chic. 

   Try this at home! Just follow these four easy steps: 

  1. Keep your eyes open for extraordinary window displays and dress forms inside the store.
  2. Keep your camera phone or digital camera in handy at all times. You'll never know when you will come across something that will catch your eye. 
  3. Take a picture! It's the most obvious step. It's going to feel awkward at first, but who cares! You're never going to see those people watching you do this ever again and you don't even know them! 
  4. Try out your window display inspiration at home! Play dress up! I highly encourage it! 

Let me know what you guys think! Keep warm! 

Love, KB

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