Saturday, March 5, 2011

Window Art: Spring Edition

"We look at the new season, spring, which lets women find their best ideas of themselves, no matter whether their tastes run toward minimalist ease or '70s glam or blocking in the boldest, brightest, most uplifting colors we've seen in a decade. After two years of somber restraint due to the wretched worldwide economy, vibrant color, like the season it represents, carries a message of hope. So wear your colors, girls. It's a beautiful thing."
- Roberta Myers editor in chief of ELLE

     I couldn't have put it more perfectly as Roberta Myers has in her March 2011 Editor's Note in Elle magazine. Even though spring doesn't 'officially' start until March 20, I'm too excited and impatient to wait, especially after a very cold and dreary winter season. Besides, it's my absolute favorite season of the year! What could be better than a light breeze, gorgeous sunny day, and a colorful floral dress? Oh, and sweet tea! Spring fashion, for obvious reasons, are showing a lot of lively colors and prints. So much that it has even affected the upcoming color palette of the upcoming Fall 2011 season. So it's time to put away those black and gray sweater dresses and riding boots because a very colorful spring is almost here. 

The Little White Dress
     Forget about your LBD (Little Black Dress) because the Little White Dress is here to welcome your spring daytime wardrobe with open arms. White is no longer restricted to wedding dresses and that infamous time period before Labor Day. A chic little white dress is the new candidate this season in addition to floral and maxi dresses. DO cinch your little white dress with a leather brown belt to define your waist and you can even add a light and colorful scarf. And don't forget the espadrilles! 

BCBG Max Azria
J.Crew & white lace dress in Nieman Marcus

Colorful Prints  
     I usually prefer the solid prints in my wardrobe to be limited to my basics like layering tanks and tees. Every now and then I'll fall in love with a solid printed dress, but like the bad boy that it is, I keep running back to prints and patterns. Is the sky blue and the grass green? If so, then I love my prints. I love how romantic and girly a floral print dress can look on a nice spring day.  So this season, DO wear and/or buy a colorful print dress or top. Preferably in a light fabric like chiffon or jersey and DO experiment with them! Mix and match different prints like floral and nautical stripes. 
Emilio Pucci
Diane Von Furstenberg & Ecote by Urban Outfitters
Betsey Johnson
Lilly Pulitzer & Aryn K

     If you love your solid prints and patterns are too much, then this one is for you. For the springtime start with a very colorful palette and mix and match the different colors of your tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. I love pairing pastel yellow with a powder blue or pinkish coral with mint green. But don't just stay in the same color family! So DO try out color blocking this season with all of the colors of the rainbow, but please do limit to 2-3 colors at a time. Don't actually try and look like the rainbow..
Marc by Marc Jacobs & J.Crew

     The ombre trend first hit the fashion and beauty scene from that love-it or hate-it hair trend that we've seen a lot in 2010. Next thing you know we're seeing ombre even in the clothes! Olivia Wilde was spotted wearing an ombre Marchesa dress in this year's Golden Globes and the next thing you know ombre dresses are popping up in sundresses. It's the modern take to tie-dye, but less hippie 70s. So DO buy an ombre dress this season, but definitely skip the dreads and please do take a shower. 
Gianni Bini

     If the idea of mixing different colorful prints and patterns makes you nervous, then definitely opt for colorful accessories like earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings. That way, you're not committing to much prints and colors and your ensemble will look less busier, but definitely springtime ready. But DO try out jewel-toned accessories or even pastel this season. 

Love, KB


  1. I love your Window Art post. It is like a very brisk walk through the city - window shopping. Thank you for the images. I didn't have to travel, fuel my car, spend any money - AND I received much of the excitement of shopping.

    Simon Doonan was king of window dressing.

    Anthropologie certainly has some creative minds dreaming up their displays. Their in-store displays are often just as inspiring. One of my favorites was a wall built with stacked and painted recycled books.

    1. I love the Barneys holiday windows in NYC because of Simon Doonan!