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Fashion Crush of the Month: Emmy Rossum

Fashion of Crush of the Month -- March

     Emmy Rossum is not necessarily the name and headline that you often see and hear about in today's entertainment news, but I think that has more pros than cons especially in the middle of this entire Lindsay Lohan mess. I'll take a quiet and clean reputation over a messy and controversial media circus any day. I'm not a believer in the saying "any publicity is good publicity." So for this new Fashion Blog segment that I'd like to call Fashion Crush of the Month, I'd like to observe and explore Emmy Rossum's effortlessly chic and very feminine style. I know it's been a while since we've seen Rossum in the big screen -- since her 2004 role as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera and Laura in The Day After Tomorrow -- and if you don't watch her current show Shameless on Showtime then it's really been a long time. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Rossum has been sloppy due to her low profile, especially in front of the paparazzi. In fact every time she is stalked and photographed by the paps she always looks so put together complete with full hair and light make up. 

     So what should you fashionistas learn in today's lesson a' la Emmy Rossum

     I absolutely love the fact that she even thinks of accessories before she steps out the door in the morning. Some women can get very lazy and just throw on some clothes and put on some shoes. When putting together your work or school ensemble, you have to think of the entire picture, meaning clothes, shoes, hair, and accessories like jewelry, handbag, belt, and sunglasses options. This doesn't mean that you have to wear a belt with everything, it just means that you have to take into consideration if a belt would be appropriate with your outfit. Take Rossum for example, she has worn wide, waist cinching belt with her floral and print dresses, because the dresses would just look bland and shapeless without it otherwise. The belt serves two main purposes: (1) to highlight your waist, which is very flattering womanly feature, (2) it gives her ensemble more pizzaz. A dress in a very girly print looks the best when worn with a belt around your natural waist. 

     First of all, DO NOT let anyone discourage you that you have too many handbags. You CANNOT have too many handbags. Handbags have the same main purpose as shoes do. Would you wear sneakers with an evening gown? Of course not! So along with that same analogy, you wouldn't wear a cross over bag to a black tie wedding, right? While there is a distinction between daytime and nighttime handbags [a discussion which will be saved for a later blog] the main point that you have to know before choosing your purse for the day is the occasion. Are you going to class? Are you going to run errands? Are you going to work? Are you going to meet your girlfriends for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Are you going to see a movie or go to a concert? Just know the answer to those questions and choose your handbag appropriately. Take note from Rossum for example, she chose a purse with a long strap to when doing errands which is perfect, because when you're running around town trying to do several things at once, you want your hands to be free. Handbags with long straps are perfect for multi-tasking. So when your day doesn't consist of anything hectic, opt for one with shorter straps and possibly one with a bright hue, but roomy enough to fit all of your day to day essentials, like the red handbag that Rossum pairs with her feminine sundress. 

     As we have learned from The Importance of Sunglasses blog, sunglasses has so many uses other than the obvious one of protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful UV Rays. Hopefully you don't need to be hiding from the paparazzi like Emmy Rossum from below, but if you really are in an off mood and the sun is shining and bright out, make sure to grab those sunnies on your way out. Make sure to pick one out in a classic style and a shape that suits your the contours of face. Remember, the rounder your face the best you look in square sunglasses, the more square your face is, the better you look in round sunglasses. And if you have an oval shaped face like Rossum, then you pretty much look good in any types of sunnies. Lucky! 

     Anything wrapped in bacon is delicious, but incorporating a scarf during warm or cool days is even more delicious! Okay, maybe not delicious in the sense of the word, but definitely fabulous. Just know that scarves are definitely appropriate for all types of weather. There are cool winter scarves which are made of thicker and heavier material and light summer scarves which are made in bright colors and prints and lighter fabrics. Learn a fashion lesson from Emmy Rossum and don't be afraid to mix patterns with your outfit and scarf! Her animal print scarves look cool and chic with striped shirt or a floral dress. That one little addition adds more texture to the entire ensemble and definitely even more color! 

     I have absolutely no tolerance for pain and I have a knack for not learning my lesson especially when it comes to shoes. I love to walk around in 5-6 inch heels, but within a couple of hours I know I'll be hurting. How can you still wear heels without sacrificing comfort? Emmy Rossum has the answer once again. The secret to be able to walk in your fabulous shoes all day is to find one that has a sensible height and/or one that incorporates straps. Wedges and strappy Mary Jane's or T-strap shoes are the best choices when it comes to footwear options with height. Have you noticed that  Rossum wears heels in almost all of the paparazzi photos featured here? What a trooper! 
Lesson #6: BE A LADY
     In our present society where being trashy is glamorized like something to be admired, it makes me smile when the classiest ladies continue to be just that -- classy. The chances of many of us are going to be followed by the paparazzi is probably just as slim as our chances of appearing on the red carpet with Hollywood's biggest stars. But that doesn't mean we can't take note of their fabulous formal evening fashion. Emmy Rossum shows us that regardless of the length of the dress, with the right silhouette and accessories, you can shine brighter than the evening star in the sky and look like a million bucks. The secret, which should actually be no secret at all, is to dress according to your body type. For example, Rossum is very slender and fit so she shows off her great legs in a short, hip hugging mini and her toned arms in a sleeveless, floor length tiered gown. So keep it classy ladies. 

Love, KB

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