Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fashion Collaboration: Barbie + Christian Louboutin

     As with any girl who was born in the late 80s and grew up in the early 90s, I grew up playing with Barbies. No, not the disfigured Bratz dolls with the gigantic head, fat lips, and dressed in age-inappropriate clothes, especially for the girls that they're marketed towards. I'm talking about the lean, blonde hair, classic Barbie that I know and love. Oh, how I remember all of the Barbies that I've ever owned -- the Cut N' Style Barbie, Hula Hair Barbie, Butterfly Fairy Barbie, and even Dentist Barbie. Not to forget her younger sister Skipper and Kelly! My older sister and I had the ultimate Barbie collection. We had it all -- two pink Corvettes, a refrigerator, and even a washing machine! But if we learned anything from Toy Story 3, growing up means moving on and parting with your beloved toys. Yes, I said goodbye to Barbie. 

     It wasn't until I was in the shoe department of Neiman Marcus in 2009 where my love for Barbie was rekindled and coupled with my love for fashion. As I approached the Christian Louboutin shoes, I saw an usual crowd of shoppers, but they weren't fighting over the signature red sole, but rather something else that looked awfully familiar. And there it was -- a Christian Louboutin themed Barbie. When Barbie needed a new pair of shoes to celebrate her 50th Anniversary, she turned to the magical Christian Louboutin to answer that calling. From that moment on, magic happened. Since it's release in December 2009, Christian Louboutin has customized three Barbie dolls and a nine piece Christian Louboutin shoe pack during his collaboration with Mattel -- the first being the Cat Burglar collector doll, then Dolly Forever, and finally the evening gown wearing Anemone doll (photographs featuring Christian Louboutin himself.) It gives a new meaning to that popular phrase "I hate Barbie -- that Bitch has everything," doesn't it? So until you can afford your first pair of the coveted red sole pumps, why not let your Barbie have a fabulous shoe collection. 

Cat Burglar
Dolly Forever

Love, KB

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