Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Must Have: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

     I know that it's months away until it's officially the summer, but there is no harm in getting ahead, especially when it comes to trends. One on-trend piece that's really taking off right now is the cat-eye styles in sunglasses. Nicole Richie made this fashion piece an absolute summer essential ever since she has been seen all over Hollywood sporting some very exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses from her very own House of Harlow line. And since sunglasses are an absolute must-have during this warm and sunny season, this is the perfect item to add to your summer shopping list. What's great about this summer accessory is that it's not as traumatic as buying a new swim suit and it looks great on just about everyone! But the trick is finding the right pair that suits you. 

     Unlike shopping for clothes and shoes online, which usually comes with exact measurements, shopping for a new pair of sunglasses is a bit trickier. I don't recommend shopping for sunglasses online, especially for one that has such a trendy shape. But the internet definitely comes in handy when it comes to research. It's a win/lose situation, because online retailers usually have more selection and stock than retail stores, but you can definitely use this to your advantage by becoming a informed shopper before you step inside the store. You know how you make a shopping list of things you want to get before going to the grocery store? Well, you better start applying that same routine when it comes to shopping! Just follow these easy steps: 

Plan A -- From Online Store to Retail Store Shopping
Step 1: Go to the website of your favorite store(s) and look at the options/varieties of sunglasses that they have. 
Step 2: Find a color and style that you like (write it down / take a picture / remember it.)  
Step 3: Go to the store in your city, find the pair(s) that you liked online and try them on.
Step 4: If you like a pair that you've found online, great -- purchase it at the store (saves you money for shipping.) 
Step 5: If not, repeat steps #1 through 4 OR go to Plan B. 

Plan B -- Online Store to Comparing in Retail Store Shopping 
Step 1: Research cat eye sunglasses online. is a great resource when it comes to researching on-trend pieces online. 
Step 2: Find a color and/or style that you like. 
Step 3: Go to mall and find a pair that closely resembles the one that you liked online. 
Step 4: Try on all of the styles and colors that you liked online, even those that you didn't see/consider, and make a mental note of it. Find a pair that looks good on you. 
*Refer to the importance of sunglasses fashion blog (click here
Step 5: If you like the pair that you've found in the store, great. If not, buy one online with the absolute certainty that you like that particular style and color, because returning merchandise that you've bought online can be a huge hassle. 

     Online shopping definitely has its pros and cons, but unless you're completely attuned to what looks good on you, especially accessories like sunglasses, I don't recommend diving into that venture just yet. The key with shopping for new sunglasses is to know the styles that suits the shape of your face and to know exactly what looks good on you. Don't ever get sucked in a trend that looks horrible on you. 

     If you're unsure about investing a lot of money in a trend, like this one on cat-eye sunglasses, a great way to approach it is by doing what I call a fashion test run. Like buying a new car, you can test-drive a new trendy fashion piece with a budget friendly option. As you can see from some of the cat-eye sunglasses that I've listed above, I've included ones that range from over $500 to as little as $10. If you're unsure about this new trend, which is completely understandable, because I've seen some pieces that are completely extreme and exaggerated [Alexander Wang makes one that are over the top insanity!] trying out a cheap pair is the way to go. And if you decide that you love it, then it's time to cough out the cash and invest in a pair that won't break after a few wears. 

     Just remember to try on as many pairs as you can before settling with a cheap or expensive pair. Internet and in-store research is your friend. And ultimately knowing what looks good on you will determine if a trendy piece will eventually make its way to your everyday essentials. Happy shopping! 

Love, KB

1. Victoria Beckham $525
2. Tom Ford $320
3. Marc Jacobs $275
4. Elizabeth and James $185
5. Ray-Ban $135
6. Betsey Johnson $65
7. Betsey Johnson $55
8. Top Shop $32
9. Urban Outfitters $16
10. Old Navy $9.50 
11. Urban Outfitters $14.00 


  1. We are loovinngg the cat-eye sunglasses here at SMU! We def agree that they are an essential summer accessory!

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  3. WHOOOAH, Great tips,,I'm planning to get a cat eye
    sunglasses , i love its sexiness.