Friday, April 22, 2011

Patricia Field Creations: Ugly Betty

     Motion picture is about telling a story by utilizing the most important senses that is readily available to the audience like sight and sound. Everything about the production of a motion picture, whether it be a movie or television show, serves a very vital purpose to the entire presentation. The set design, soundtrack/background music, and the costume design, all help communicate the storyline. But nothing conveys more about the story and the characters themselves than the costumes! And no one does this better than the legendary and iconic costume designer and stylist, Patricia Field

Pat Field with some of the cast of Ugly Betty
     At one point or another, we've been exposed and are familiar with a lot of Pat Field's work, especially Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Cashmere Mafia. Another one of her famous work was dressing the cast of the famous ABC hit t.v. show, Ugly Betty. Despite the fact that the show was cancelled [so sad! I love this show!] Patricia Field styled and dressed the entire cast for 4 whole seasons. And what she did with clothes was greater than fashion itself, given the fact that the show was about a high fashion magazine called MODE set in New York City. Through that classic Pat Field magic and her famous New York taste, she was able to tell a story about each and everyone of the characters through their costume design. 

     Take the lead character Betty Suarez, for example. Betty was the assistant to the editor in chief who turned into a very successful editor herself due to her hard work and persistence. And aside from being the moralistic character [she always seemed to be in the middle of everything and helping/saving everyone] she was also very optimistic, with a very bubbly personality. So in turn, Pat Field put her in clothes that were very consistent with that character, like lots of colorful prints and patterns and layers! Pat also didn't stop with colorful dresses, skirts, and blouses, she also portrayed her lively personality with tons of accessories. From wide and colorful waist cinching belts, to colorful brooches, stockings, scarves, t-strap kitten heels, handbags, and jewelry, especially that famous 'B' necklace she always wore, Pat Field captured the essence of the character of Betty as played by America Ferrera

     As for the rest of the permanent cast, read about the influences of each character and see how their roles influence their wardrobe from head to the Louboutins. And come check out the pictures of the rest of the cast and take note of how their clothes interprets the intricate characters that they play in the show! 

Betty Suarez 
"the voice of reason"

Motto: "The glass is half full." 
Personal Style: colorful, prints and patterns, lots of layers 
Signature Look: bow blouse, waist cinching belt 
Doppelganger: Rebecca Bloomwood (but more geeky) 

Amanda Tanen
"the sex vixen"

Motto: "I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt."
Personal Style: high fashion, tight and cleavage bearing dresses, sky high heels
Signature Look: bondage and body conscious dresses
Doppelganger: Samantha Jones 

Marc St. James
"the accomplice"

Motto: "So, what's the plan?"
Personal Style: tailored, clean lines
Signature Look: work suits, crisp button up shirts, ties 
Doppelganger: Zac Posen 

Daniel Meade
"the business tycoon"

Motto: "I look good."
Personal Style: very clean and tailored
Signature Look: power suits, ties, and pocket squares 
Doppelganger: Donald Trump (minus the bad hair) 


Claire Meade
"the billionaire's wife"

Motto: "There, there.. It'll be alright." 
Personal Style: conservative high fashion 
Signature Look: wrap dresses, statement necklaces 
Doppelganger: Anna Wintour 

Wilhelmina Slater
"the ice queen"

Motto: "The devil definitely wears Prada."
Personal Style: glamorous, solid colors, sexy and high fashion career woman
Signature Look: tailored dress suit that accentuate the waist and shows off cleaveage with sky high designer heels  
Doppelganger: Miranda Priestly 

Hilda Suarez
"the ghetto fabulous"

Motto: "Love don't cost a thing... but money wouldn't hurt." 
Personal Style: tight and skin bearing clothes with a lot of sex appeal and attitude 
Signature Look: hoop earrings, tight jeans, midriff and cleavage bearing tops, high heels  
Doppelganger: Jennifer Lopez 

Love, KB

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