Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Overview: Help me win's Blogging Contest!

     Confession: It's 12:36 am eastern standard time and I'm utterly exhausted. I just finished unpacking from a three week spring vacation and I'm pretty much running on empty (AND not to mention, I went on a blogging hiatus when I left for my trip.) I pretty much had to unpack my entire world because packing for a transitional weather trip (in between seasons) is very tricky. And since it's my dream to become an editorial stylist someday, like Grace Coddington for Vogue and Havana Laffitte for Teen Vogue, it's almost second nature to always have options and always be prepared for anything and everything (Translation: I pretty much packed everything you could possibly imagine that I would need. Yes. Even the special scissors to trim my bangs.)  

     But besides the point, last week, a very good friend of mine from college commented on this blog informing me that Lauren Conrad is a having fashion blog contest on her website and that I should enter. Since the details of the contest were released on Monday, I was still on the road coming home from my trip and now just had the time to enter. The preliminary trial of the contest is completely out of my hands (Lauren is going to pick her top 5 favorite blogs) but I hope this blog will strike her interest and curiosity. 

     When I started this blog over a year ago, the initial intention was for me to have a positive outlet for my love of style and admiration of the fashion world. Then it gradually developed into something more. Something more elaborate and intricate, -- almost an obsession. Through a lot of true soul searching (say that three times fast) I've come to realize that my love has always been in clothes and never knew that I could turn that into a career in styling. So this Fashion Blog became a good practice for me to develop my voice in style and fashion. Compared to the rest of the thousands (maybe even millions?) of the amazing fashion blogs out there in the blogosphere, I don't have a professional photographer for a boyfriend to take amazing pictures of me (or at least he's not interested in fashion photography.) I don't have computer design savvy friends who have mad skills with photoshop and other design programs (I probably do, but I never ask. oops?) I don't have a fortune to spend on expensive clothes and shoes, but I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to own a few luxury goods and I have a love for classic and timeless pieces. I'm not built like a runway model and I didn't start this blog to get a million Twitter followers or a ton of Facebook likes (but that would be nice and a pretty good bonus.I design, style, photograph, write, and come up with all the blog ideas on this blog on my own so I'm pretty much a jack of all trades but master of none. 

     When I launched this blog, I made a promise to myself that I'm going to be doing it to please myself and myself only. But even I have to admit that the opportunity that this contest promises would lead to a lot of amazing things and perhaps would help me get that much closer to my dream of becoming an editorial stylist for a Conde' Nast publication.  So with that said, consider this my resume Lauren (and I hope you like it) and for everyone else.. 
wish me luck. 

Love, KB

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