Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier the new Creative Director for Diet Coke

     Quick! Fashion trivia: if Coco Chanel is synonymous for the Little Black Dress, what iconic piece is Jean Paul Gualtier associated with? Do you need a clue? Madonna. If you guess the conical bustier bra / corset then you're correct (which coincidentally or not featured in the third series of videos. Read on!)  In the beginning of March, the legendary haute couture French designer was appointed the creative director for Diet Coke. An appointment which was celebrated by the creation of a series of three short films on YouTube, titled "The Night & Day Serial Designer." I'm a huge Gaultier fan (pronounced go-tee-aye.) Not just of his work, but because he's just an incredibly zany and eccentric person. He is known for wearing his famous striped nautical shirt and when he interviewed Lady Gaga for the CW special Gaga by Gaultier, the 59 year old fashion legend donned a blue striped nautical shirt with pointed shoulders in honor of the pop star. But I have to admit that these videos, while very funny and very much true to him, are simultaneously creepy. Not a bad kind of creepy, but a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas kind of creepy. 

     I actually just got back from visiting the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia and I was utterly pleased and surprised at how much fashion and Coca Cola intertwined. In the museum, there were exhibits that featured how Coca Cola has worked with fashion to promote the soda giant. In Spring/Summer 2011 they worked with Dolce and Gabbana to create a line that celebrated the fashion house as well as the 125 years of Coca Cola history. And in 2010 and with the partnership revisited in 2011, Coke worked with Karl Lagerfeld and released three limited edition Coca Cola Light bottles that were only released in Europe. (click the link!) Ahh.. my two loves Fashion and Coca Cola. Two things that make me so happy! (Coca Cola's famous logo is Open Happiness!) How refreshing!

Love, KB

me looking silly outside The World of Coca Cola with the inventor, Dr. John S. Pemberton

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