Friday, March 16, 2012

A Decade of VOGUE Shape Issues

     If you're an avid reader of VOGUE like I'am then you should know by heart the calendar months that correspond with each issue:
  • MARCH - Power Issue 
  • APRIL - Shape Issue 
  • AUGUST - Age Issue 
  • SEPTEMBER - THE Fashion Issue / Bible
  • DECEMBER - Holiday Issue (which translates into, what Fairy Tale story did Grace do this year?)  

 Which one celebrates its decade run in this iconic publication? If you've guessed the April Shape Issue then major Conde' Nast points for you. In 2002 the very first Vogue Shape Issue hit newsstands with Angelina Jolie (and no sign of her her leg in a leg slit whatsoever) on the cover. Among all the covers, Gisele Bundchen is the only woman to ever grace the cover twice, or at least so far. Once with Lebron James and a second time around in April 2010. And this year, despite the fact that I'm not particularly thrilled to see Jenny from the Block on the cover, I must admit that the cover of Jennifer Lopez is quite stunning. Which one is your favorite Shape Issue cover girl? And what Shape and Health related issues do you like to read about in this particular issue? Better yet, what's your favorite special Vogue issue? I always find the articles featured in the Power Issues to be the best ones. I love reading about strong women from different roles, like Twitter executives Katie Jacobs Stanton and Chole Sladden in the March 2012 Issue. 

Love, KB  

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