Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion Ad Campaign Obsession: Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

     A year later and I'm still in love with the Chanel S/S campaign ads (which may or not be biased because I love the fashion house and I think Karl Lagerfeld is a design god) that it's almost becoming an instinctual habit to open up the March issues of my glossies and look for the spread (but sometimes spoiled by online fashion news.)  When you think of the Spring and Summer seasons, what words do you associate with the season?? If you say color then right you are (in a Yoda voice.) These seasons are so synonymous with colors that it's what you expect in a spring/summer ad campaign. And then I see the Chanel's ad campaign for the 2012 season and of course, it's in black and white. Karl Lagerfeld shot the campaign so without a doubt, you can expect the following: an influx of the black and white palette while he shoots the entire campaign completely decked out from head to toe (gloves included) glamour, art, a story, and intrigue. You might be asking yourself these questions (or at least you should be!) -- why are the models in high beams and vaults? (which btw is my favorite! I love the big pouffy shoulders! It has Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel written all over that one.The London 2012 summer olympics perhaps? Besides, I think the addition of these athletic props is a nice play of something hard, rough, and strength with something soft, graceful, and delicate like the models and the clothes. Why is it colorless? Did you see the S/S 2012 show? The entire collection was so light and airy that color is really unnecessary? Why is the shoot set near the ocean? Again, did you see the S/S 2012 Runway show? The entire set was practically under the sea while Florence Welch sings from a sea shell. I know the advertisements in magazines seem like just a waste of space (especially in September issues!) but the next time you open a glossy do me a favor -- take the time to actually take a look at these pages for more than just a mere glance. You'd be surprise at the stories they tell. 

p.s. Don't forget to watch the making of the ad campaign! Click the video above if you haven't already! 

Love, KB

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