Sunday, July 15, 2012

Walt Disney's Cinderella slippers by Christian Louboutin

     Before Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine there were the other three veteran princesses -- the one allergic to needles from spinning wheels (Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty) the other with a vengeful stepmother, skin white as snow, and with seven vertically challenged roommates (Snow White) and finally the one forced to become a servant in her own home by yet another sinister stepmother and as equally friendly to all the talented and domestic singing animals, Cinderella -- which is actually my favorite story. The movie which was released in 1950 will be on Blu Ray for the first time on October 2, 2012. And to celebrate this Diamond Edition release, Walt Disney asked Parisian shoe maker, Christian Louboutin, to create a modern day interpretation of the iconic glass slippers. And no, the result is not a literal creation of actual glass slippers. Can you imagine walking around the cobblestones of Paris or the concrete sidewalks of New York City in actual glass pumps even if it did have that coveted red-sole? Your feet and the shoes would never make it pass a couple of blocks. Christian Louboutin's interpretation of Cinderella's glass slippers was even better -- think peep-toe, 120 mm, delicate white lace with sparkling crystals, butterfly accents, and heels adorned with Swarovski elements -- you can't get any more modern than that. 

     The shoes are currently in display in Paris with the exhibition including stills and sketches from the making of the 1950s Disney film, along with a short six-minute film of Christian Louboutin playing a fairy-godmother-like cobbler who is under a tight deadline to finish Cinderella's shoes. And just like in the original film when poor Cinderelly didn't have the time to re-design her mother's old dress for the Prince's ball, monsieur Louboutin receives help from friendly animals to find the inspiration of the shoes and complete them. And since we don't have a clip of that six-minute film, this 14:45 clip of that famous dress making scene is the next best thing! 

Love, KB

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