Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Book: Spring & Summer 2011 Burning Torch by Karyn Craven

     In this eco-conscious world that we live in today, going green is no longer limited to recycling aluminum and plastic cans, planting a tree on Arbor Day, or driving hybrid cars. This huge movement is also affecting the world of fashion as we speak -- think of Emma Watson's continued collaboration with People Tree and her five piece capsule collection with Alberta Ferretti called Pure Threads or H&M's (appropriately named) Conscious Collection which was launched in the US early this spring. Who knew being kind to Mother Earth could be so chic? 

     So we all have certainly heard of recycling, but what about upcycling? This is the process that designer Karyn Craven applies to her beautiful and unique collection called Burning Torch. Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of the recycling process. In turn, rather than converting materials and products into new materials of lesser quality, upcycling transforms something ordinary into something fabulous. Craven believes that the trend in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is moving toward better products, purchasing something of quality that will last, as opposed to fast fashions which end up in the land fill.”  And so from vintage jewelry to re-imagined dresses, tops, bottoms, and even outerwear, Craven, who has a profound love for nature and vintage, travels all over the world to source unique items and turning them into one of a kind pieces. In short, there are no multiples or duplicates of each piece in the collection. Although, some pieces are similar in shape and stitch detail. 

WHO is Karyn Craven?
Karyn Craven is a California native and designer who had a dream of becoming an artist as a child. She first began designing unique t-shirts which would later pave the way to a design career. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and was a division head for three years at a commercial design house followed by six years as an independent design consultant to various labels. Aside from drawing inspiration from vintage work wear and being currently inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Craven also draws inspiration from Fauvism and Bauhaus. 

WHAT is Burning Torch all about? 
Burning Torch is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California and founded in 1999 by Karyn Craven.  According to Craven, as children we were taught a deep respect for life; this included the environment, natural beauty and other human beings.  At an early age I also developed a fascination, or perhaps you could say an obsession, with color, shape and pattern, and how they relate to the human form.  Burning Torch grew out of my love for vintage and the desire to transform something mundane into something sublime.” 

WHERE is the collection sold?
     The collection can be found in department stores like Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Ron Herman or online on such websites like,, and Unfortunately, Burning Torch is not currently being sold internationally, but that venture and expansion is definitely being considered. 

So come take a look at Burning Torch's Spring and Summer 2011 collection! 

Engraved Indigo Romper

Estate Coat 

Recyclyed Snow Maxi Skirt 
Recycled Sequined Jacket

Distressed Leather Jacket / Magritte Mini Skirt / Recycled Sequined V Neck

Winchester Dress

Estate Top / Heirloom Cardigan / Bauhaus Pant

Recycled Rock N' Roll Top / High Plains Pant

Distressed Leather Jacket / Winchester Skirt /
Mayfair Sequin Tank / Feathers Scarf

Feathers Dress 

Bilboa Skirt & Jacket / Knit Collective Tank

Engraved Indigo Top / High Plains Short

Atrium Skirt / Winchester Top

Recycled Sequins Jacket

Vintage Rock N Roll Top / Atrium Pant

Estate Dress

Falling Water Dress

Magritte Maxi Dress

Metropolitan Dress

Distressed Leather Jacket / Winchester Skirt /
Knit Collective Tunic

Atrium Skirt / Eames Pea Coat / Falling Water Top

Falling Water Maxi Skirt / Recycled Parachute Top

Estate Tank / Bauhaus Short / Distressed Leather Jacket

Eames Tank / Bauhaus Short / Knit Collective Cardigan / Falling Water Scarf

Monarch Tank / Mavericks Short

Horizon Tank

Monarch Dress

Mavericks Sailor Pant

Tavarua Top / Mavericks Sailor Pant

Todos Santos Blouse / Todos Santos Tank

Striped Big Swing Cardi / Recycled Hawaiian Short

Stripe Tunic

Gold Coast Tunic

Tavarua Dress

Neptune Dress

Seychelles Wrap Dress

North Shore Pod Top / Montauk Short

North Shore Top / Montauk Cargo Pant

Gold Coast Dress

Recycled Stripes Top / Neptune Bikini /
Montauk Short

Horizon Sequin Top / Mavericks Mini Skirt

Recycled Scarves Top / Mavericks Sailor Pant

Todos Santos Dress

Monarch Maxi Dress

Montauk Blazer / Neptune Tank /
Mavericks Cargo Pant

     An entire eco-friendly line that offers one of a kind pieces that no other woman will have in her closet?? Uhm, yes please! I love nothing more than a garment that is not mass produced and completely unique.   All I know is that I'm in love with both the Neptune and Seychelle wrap dresses and the Estelle top paired with that recycled vintage necklace is divine. Which pieces, jewelry, and/or accessories are your favorites?

Love, KB

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  1. What an amazing & unique collection. There are so many striking pieces, it's hard to choose (altho I agree, the wrap dresses are divine). This is such an interesting post....I hope she starts shipping internationally very soon!
    Dressology HQ