Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fashion Blog's 2011 Fall Cravings

1. long sleeve chiffon blouse with a bow neck tie
2. lace shorts 
3. pastel / blush hued boyfriend blazer
4. winter coat adorned with a large bow 
5. mixture of a red garment with a leopard belt 
6. black wedge booties 
7. polka dot stockings
8. bright and colorful denim 

     Fall is arguably my favorite season, especially when I've had about enough of the summer heat. It's also one of my my favorite seasons to shop for, just like how much I love shopping for new bouquets of floral dresses in the spring, I love nothing more than shopping for cozy knits, a new winter coat, and boots for the cold months to come. Oh, and don't get even get me started about how much thrill I get out of smell of new school supplies..

     For this upcoming fall season my current cravings involve a lot of minimalist, but colorful pieces. I'm obsessing over a pastel and blush color palette and still love incorporating my favorite fall detail, bows! As the temperature drops a lot of people gravitate towards a lot of black to reflect their dreary mood, but I believe that color should be incorporated in your wardrobe all year round! For instance, when shopping for new jeans this season, get a pair in a bright red or mint green hue. You'd be surprised how that touch of color can easily update your fall ensembles! And don't stop with just jeans, instead of picking up a black tailored blazer, get one in a soft but colorful hue like carnation blue, blush pink, or perhaps even cream. These colors will look great in contrast to a lot of the dark pieces that we tend to wear in the autumn/winter seasons. Moreover, I'm obsessed over this idea of incorporating small leopard prints in your outfits. I'm usually not a big fan of animal prints, but when worn in small doses, like a skinny belt,  light chiffon scarf, or cardigan, I think it can look pretty chic. Try pairing that small leopard detail with something red. Something about that color and pattern combination that looks incredibly well together. 

     Maybe it's just my catholic school background, but I've never outgrown bows. For a polished and preppy look this upcoming fall season, try using a black bow for a necktie paired with a crisp white button up blouse with poplin or "peter pan" collar. My favorite black winter coat and beret has bows all over it! Something about it is very parisian chic -- I think of Christian Dior whenever I think of autumn/winter wardrobe and bows. Also, instead of limiting lace to just tops and dresses, try high waisted lace shorts worn with a black skinny belt (pair that with a blush hued blazer and cream blouse with a black bow and you've got yourself a go-to fall ensemble!) As for those lovely gams, instead of just plain opaque tights, try one in a polka dot pattern! Or any other fun patterns for that matter. And what's more, if you're going to miss those summer wedges, try an oxford wedge bootie or just simple lace up ones. Play around with these ideas and let me know what you come up with! 

<3 Sending you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils & love, 

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