Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspire Me Pretty: Emma Watson

     Fall is one of my favorite seasons to dress for mainly because the cooler seasons give way to a great amount of creativity and experimentation through layering and the mixture of colors, prints, and texture. For this upcoming fall season, I'm particularly inspired by the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine pieces. And one look that epitomizes this very image is the one with Emma Watson spotted in a very Parisian chic ensemble during her Lancome ad set. I first gravitated toward the white blouse with the poplin collar complete with a simple silk bow used in a bow tie. I'm a sucker for preppy details, especially ones with a touch of androgyny in it. The high waisted lace shorts makes the entire ensemble look more feminine while the tailored blazer makes it look more polished and put together, especially with the addition of a skinny black belt which defines the waistline. Not to mention, simple minimalistic and lace pieces are very on trend right now. The white blouse tucked inside creme-colored lace shorts will definitely make you skeptical at first, but the subtle and varying degrees of color and texture actually gives the outfit more depth and interest. 

Love, KB


  1. I stumbled onto your blog via a Google search for some hidden copy of Grace Coddington's book that I could buy for less than $1000. I didn't find the book, but I did find your blog. It's wonderful! You clearly put a lot of effort into your posts and it really shows. You've got a great mind for fashion and art. Love your posts! Do you happen to have a Tumblr account? I'd love to see what you could post there, maybe as a more streamlined version of this blog? If you do, please contact me at I definitely favorited this blog. Great job.

  2. wow thanks! that's super sweet of you to say. unfortunately I don't have a tumblr account. I've been thinking about it but not sure how I feel about having another thing to manage online especially as I'm getting busier.. but thanks again! =]